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In other news, allt he apps that have been waiting since the dawn of time have finally been looked over and approved/pended. Please check that out, and we're really sorry to keep you guys waiting. Play on! Please keep an eye out for updates and feel free to contact staff with questions or concerns. :)

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 ★ FAQ
Admin Ceras
 Posted: Sep 12 2013, 09:38 PM


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★ Any frequently asked questions will go here.
★ Is an explanation not clear enough or do you still have a question? Let the staff know and we'll clear it up.
★ Have a question not on here? Let us know and we'll answer it right away!

Q. What do the terms seme/seke/uke mean?
A. For those new to the BL Genre, here's a quick synopsis of what exactly those three words mean. Semes are typically the more dominant partners in the relationship, Ukes are the more submissive and Sekes are somewhere in between. Of course, in laymen's terms, Semes are the Tops, Uke's the bottoms and Seke's are switches--i.e. they can go either way. Or you know, if you want to talk about it baseball terms, ukes are the receivers, semes the pitchers and sekes play both positions.

Q. Is there a minimum/maximum age?
Yes and no. Student member groups have certain ages that the students must be in order to qualify as a student of that year. That being said however, there is no maximum age to the site, though fair warning, you may not get many plots if you make an 85 year old. There is however, a minimum age--all characters must be 14 or older. This is not just limited to student characters, but extends to citizens as well. Some jobs/club positions also require your character to be a certain age or year, and your character must meet the age requirement for their member group of choice as well. Student member groups vary by year, while teachers are typically over the age of 23. Citizens have no real set limits, so long as they meet the site requirements (i.e. 14 and up).

Q. Does this site allow non-male characters?
A. Yes, Dotai does allow characters of those type however they must be bought in the site shop. The starting price is $1500. Faculty members cost $3500 while non-male students (must be 'in disguise') can be bought from the site shop for a starting price of $5000, although it increases by $500 for every non-male student character you make. An easy way to make the funds needed to purchase said characters is to participate in the many contests around the site.

Q. Does my character have to be gay?
A. No. Your character can be whatever orientation you want them to be--heterosexual, bi, pan, demi, homo--he can even be in love with the moon if you want them to be. In short, your character's orientation is entirely up to you--all that we ask is that you be open to role playing BL relationships. Please note however, that this is essentially a yaoi/bl/gay romance roleplay--and as such, it might be hard to find romantic plots that aren't of that archetype.

Q. I've completed my profile. Now what do I do?
A. Once you're done completing your character's profile, post to this thread to let staff know you're finished. Accepting profiles is a top priority here at Dotai, so you chances are you shouldn't have to wait very long! Please note however, that if you DO NOT post that your app is completed on the specified thread, your app WILL NOT be looked at.

Q. Can my character be in more than one club?
A. Yes. Characters can be in multiple clubs however, they can only be in a powerful position (i.e. captain or co-captain) in one club and in the rest they must be regular members. Just make it a bit believeable--your character probably won't be able to balance 6 clubs at once. 3? Maybe...but more than that might be a bit overzealous, don't you think?

Q.Can my character be in more than one gang?
A. Generally no---characters cannot be in more than one gang due to the rivalries involved. The only way this can be accomplished is by PMing Ceras for approval, stating an idea of what you have in mind and just why exactly you want your character in two gangs at once.

Q. Can my faculty character have more than subject/more than one job?
A. Yes and no. Faculty characters can only teach one subject area at the school. They can however teach different types of classes in that area. So say you a character and you want them to teach Math. You can have them teach both Basic Arithmetic & Algebra if you wish, however you cannot have that same teacher teach English at the same time.

As for jobs, yes, faculty members can have a side job off campus in Unmei City. This means that yes, your character can be an English teacher by day and a bartender by night. Keep in mind however, that there could be repercussions to their part time job--after all, if someone happens to find out your Music teacher by day is a stripper by night, that could cause some problems.

Q. Are citizen characters allowed in the icc?
A. There might eventually be a place where citizens can chat similar to the icc, however as of now, only the students & faculty of Dotai can participate in it--think of it as an online chatroom sponsored by the school. Dotai is after all, an Academy roleplay--not a City roleplay; even if it does have city elements. As such, the primary focus of the site is on the students and faculty members that inhabit it.

Q. Can my character have pets?
A. Generally no, characters cannot have pets--at least if they live in the academy. The school after all, doesn't want to be responsible if some kid falls into anaphylactic shock because they happen to be allergic to Mr. Jiggles the cat or Bark the dog. You can however, PM an admin/staff member for permission. Please note however, that if your character exhibits need for a service animal, they are allowed.

In general, the only pets that are allowed (and this is only with permission) are cats and/or dogs. Goldfish, hamsters, garden snakes, corn snakes, geckos, ect are allowed and do not need permission. Animals that are not explicitly allowed are anything that could be considered wild/dangerous (ex: Lions, Tigers, Wolves, Bears, Large Pythons, ect.) If you are unsure of what would pass for a small pet, please PM a staff member and we will discuss the matter.

Q. Help! I can't link my accounts--what do I do?
A. The only accounts that can link accounts are your ooc accounts. Character accounts can not, so once you've made your ooc account make sure you've let a staff member (Ceras & Flameh) know! You can either PM them, or you can post to this thread and staff will get to it the moment we see it. Once your ooc account has been marked as a roleplayer account, you will then be able to link accounts.

Q. Are there activity checks?
A. Yes--activity checks are held tri-monthly and will last for a duration of three weeks (with a few extra days for stragglers -- but don't count on it!) Any accounts mentioned in the absences board during the time of the check are automatically exempt from one activity check. New accounts (i.e. accounts created during the time of the check) are exempt as well.

Q. What happens when I miss an activity check?
A. If your account is not listed on the absences board and you happen to miss a check, your account(s) will be deleted and your characters moved to the inactive characters board.

Should you wish to get your account back, you will need to recreate them under the same name as before and then PM a staff member. As Dotai does not delete character applications, you should be able to quickly begin role-playing again.

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