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WELCOME TO DOTAI ACADEMY an original yaoi/BL roleplay that has been up and running since August 2012.

We are a no word-count site and allow you to use playbys from any source so long as the image you are using is animanga in style so take a seat, look around and enjoy your stay here at Dotai! We're happy to have you~ ♥

Good News, Everyone! An Activity Check! We've had some different activity going around and we'd like to clean this place up a bit (as part of the revamps that are going on behind the sceenes). This is going to be a very short check. By the time you blink, it'll be over, so please participate. Everything is getting deleted if you don't post in the check. This goes for new people as well because a proper list will be made, so don't skip ou ton it, ok?

In other news, allt he apps that have been waiting since the dawn of time have finally been looked over and approved/pended. Please check that out, and we're really sorry to keep you guys waiting. Play on! Please keep an eye out for updates and feel free to contact staff with questions or concerns. :)

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Admin Ceras
 Posted: Sep 12 2013, 09:27 PM


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one. Dotai Academy does not have a specific roleplaying level. You can be a beginner, intermediate or advanced; it really doesn't matter-we'll welcome you with open arms in any case. However, please type respectfully and coherently and not like this: nd ah wuz liek totally nd e wuz l33t. <--props to anyone who understands that. If you can manage that, you'll be just fine.

two. Follow the common-sense rules of roleplaying. This means no God-moding/Power-playing, no chat speak when in character, ect.

three. Anything over PG-13 is not allowed on Dotai. If you want something similar to that, take it to the Live Journal, which is where all of Dotai's mature treads are stored. Please note however that all threads, whether they end up mature or not, must start on the main site and cannot be started on the LJ.

four. When creating a thread, please mark its privacy in the title. For example, if you're creating a thread that's open to everyone, put {open}. If you want people to ask before joining, put {semi-open} and if you want only a specific person put either {closed} or their name. (ex: {Closed; Daisuke} or simply {Daisuke}). Should you finish a thread, please inform us in the thread cleanup thread.

five. Dotai specializes in yaoi/BL pairings. Does this mean your character has to be gay/bi/pan/ect? No. You can make your character have whatever orientation you desire (asexual, heterosexual, ect). They can even be in love with the moon-we really don't care. All that we ask is that you be open to roleplaying slash. Simple enough, yes?

six. Although not all characters on Dotai are normal human beings, Dotai is not fundamentally a fantasy site. Most people don't know that non-human people exist, so characters with non-human traits are expected to hide them for the most part. They can reveal them sometimes, but keep in mind that not everyone will be accepting.

seven. There is no word count on Dotai, but since we believe in karma, don't send a three sentence response when you're given a 6 paragraph post.

eight. One account per a character. This is mostly for organizational purposes. If you are creating a new character, simply sign up for an account under their name. Character accounts must be registered in the format 'FIRST LAST'.

nine.ooc accounts are mandatory. Please link all of your character accounts under your ooc account as the parent. Please note that you will not be able to link accounts until you have posted here.

ten. Dotai has a starting character cap of 10. Should you wish to create more than 10 characters, a new character slot can be bought in the site shop using money earned by posting.

eleven. Use anime/manga style play-bys for your characters. No real life or cosplay images please.

twelve. Please don't use the same name as your play-by for your character. Your character should be an original creation--not a canon character from a show. If you're having trouble making up names, ask some other members for help. They'll be happy to spam you with all the names your heart desires until you can find one that clicks.

thirteen. Since the timeline on DA is fluid, you can be in as many threads as you can handle but its up to you to decide the timeline. Should you get confused, notify a staff member and we'll see what can be done.

fourteen. Respect your roleplay partner's boundaries. Not everyone likes the same thing, and what squicks you might not squick another person and vice versa! Stay respectful--pressuring people into stuff they're not into is no bueno, capiche?

fifteen. And finally, as all RP's were made for, have fun!

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