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 Derealization, Fang and Koge
Koge Ito
 Posted: Nov 13 2016, 12:40 AM


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Koge Ito
Third Year

"I didn't. But I'm sure it'll turn up," he explained, glancing over at the other boy who was resting on the couch as he asked his 'personal' question. So Fang was into guys, too? Who at this school wasn't into guys? Himself included. Not that he was necessarily out to himself yet (although it was painfully obvious), but there was a small number of other people who knew. His first thought when asked if he was with anyone was Carlisle. Were they dating? Or...together at all? What were they, if they were anything. He pressed his lips into a perplexed line in thought and opened the freezer door. "Um...I guess I don't." Koge pulled out a bag of pizza rolls because that was about the extent of his cooking abilities and dumped them on a plate before placing them in the microwave for a few minutes.

"Why? Do you have something you want to talk about? Or...or something on your mind?" He smiled politely and leaned against the counter, still sort of worn out from his episode in the woods. The microwave beeped a few seconds later and he pulled out the plate, taking it over to Fang and sitting next to him. "Have as many as you want, okay? Help yourself."
Fang Tentekom
 Posted: Nov 13 2016, 01:34 AM


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Fang Tentekom
Second Year

Fang sighs softly, he didn't like that Koge couldn't find what he had wanted. He was going to ask if he could help look for it but stopped himself. His help might not have been welcome in finding the lost item. It could be personal and he didn't want to upset Koge. He looks at him and tilts his head slightly when Koge said he didn't have a girlfriend or boyfriend. He hums softly at least he wasn't the only one single. It seemed like everyone was with someone here. He blinks and blushes softly scratching his cheek when Koge asked why he asked. "Uh well I.. uh just wanted to know.. I guess it just seems like everyone is with someone.. I uh just wanted to know if someone as nice as you was with someone.. It seems like I'm the only one that's single.." He was flustered and it showed as his whole face started to flare up in red. He thinks for a moment before looking at Koge once again. "Uh.. Well actually I was wondering.. Um never mind.."

He looks at the food and stuffs a few in his mouth nodding his head when Koge said to have as many as he wanted. He was embarrassed once again, since he tried to ask Koge an even more personal question. He'd probably be stepping over a line. He takes a few minutes of silence and eating as he calms himself down. He looks at Koge once he calmed down and blinks as he remembers what they had talked about before. "Oh uh what do you like? We were talking about that in the woods right?"

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