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Feb 21 2015, 01:32 PM
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<table cellspacing="1" cellpadding="1"><td><div style="width:180px; height:300; padding:4px;"><img src="http://i166.photobucket.com/albums/u90/ilovederekandsydney/0a85c7c5-0cbd-4ac1-a8d8-877c8d10da4d_zpsysy3asrs.jpg"></div></td><td><div class="bio">

Miles is a friendly and sociable boy who loves talking and hanging out with a variety people. He's a lover of the theatrical arts and is aspiring to be an actor for the stage. Miles is also known to have a brother complex, anyone who knows him for a short period of time can realize that. He talks about his brother a lot and likes to drag him out whenever he goes off to socialize.

</div><br><div class="relations">FRIENDS<br>
Miles if a kind and sweet boy who will make friends with just about anyone. Save for a few selective type of individuals but we'll get to that later. He's a social butterfly and will go up to anyone to strike up conversation. It's pretty easy to be friends with him and hard to dislike him for his cherry disposition, open-mindedness, and sense of humor.<br>
While a generally nice fellow, there are some people he won't like. Bullies for one, he won't stand for it and he won't hesitate face a bully head on if he seems them messing with someone. He also doesn't like homophobes,most because they seem to always have a problem with him. He can't help that he's gay and he doesn't want someone acting like its the end of civilization just because he likes other guys. And while it is hard to dislike him, one might get annoyed by his busy body attitude and need to poke his nose in other people's business. Sure he just wants to be in the know-how or help, but not everyone wants help.<br>
Miles is without a doubt gay. So he likes men only. In addition to that, he is a submissive type, though he is a virgin who's never had a boyfriend. He's had several crushes in his time, either kept to himself or ending in rejection. But that doesn't stop him form wanting to find himself a sweet boyfriend to call his own. Ideally, he wants any potential boyfriend to be romantic, have a sense of humor and gorgeous eyes. He's a sucker for pretty eyes. But hey he's young, he's bound to try different romances if someone shows some interest. And not all might be good for him.</div></td></table><p><p>
<div class="name"> MILES PENSKE </div><p><div class="info">14. STUDENT/ACTOR. FIRST YEAR. </div><p><p>

</div><a href="http://z10.invisionfree.com/CAUTIONTOTHEWIND/index.php?showuser=69160" style="font-size: 6px; font-family: calibri; letter-spacing: 3px;">ϟ thanks morgan.</a></center>[/dohtml]
Feb 19 2015, 12:21 AM
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<div id="appName">

Miles K. Penske

</div><center><table cellspacing="4px" cellpadding="0" id="appDeets"><tr><td>








<div id="appDiv"><div id="secTitle">PHYSIQUE</div>
<h1>★ Appearance.</h1><div id="appText">

Miles stands to at what is slightly smaller than average height for his age, but taller than his older brother, of 5'5". Of course he's still growing, of which he is both glad for and a bit guilty given the small stature of Wilson. He has a thin frame made from a high metabolism which gives him slim limbs and bony elbows, while having healthy peachy colored skin. He also has a bit of a long neck, that he is somewhat self-conscious about. He has chocolate brown hair, which he keeps pretty short so that he doesn't have to worry much in terms of styling it, while his eyes are a lovely orangey-amber color. His face has lost the baby chub of childhood while still youthful in appearance. It's doubtful he'll get mistaken for an upperclassman any time soon.

<h1>★ Common Wear.</h1><div id="appText">

Miles has a bit of a habit of taking off his uniform jacket in class, unless it's super cold out, and many times will loosen or remove the tie completely if he thinks he can get away with it. Outside of school, Miles will wear a variety of t-shirts and jeans. If he's feeling lazy and jut got out of school, he will sometimes just wear the white undershirt of his uniform with a change of pants. For any special social outings, he'll wear his favorite light green scarf to give him a bit of a flare. Though in winter he'll change it his much warmer yellow scarf of all occasions. He's never without his phone, which he keeps a cute little ice cream charm on. His shoes are simple converse, black and white in color, and occasionally he'll wear arm bands on his wrists.

<h1>★ Other Features.</h1><div id="appText">

Like his brother, Miles has reading glasses. He only needs them to read things, but he only wears them in his dorm room. In class or for rehearsal he wears contacts as he feels that his glasses would get in the way or something could happen to make them break. Glasses aren't cheap after all. He has an old bite mark on his thigh from a dog when he was a kid. It's high up enough that most shorts can cover it, so chances are you'd only see if he was in his underwear or naked. He also has a scar along the hairline on his forehead that he doesn't like to talk about. His hair is just barely long enough to keep it covered that you'd have to brush it out of the way to see it.

<h1>★ Face Claim.</h1><div id="appText">

<b>HYOUKA</b> -- <i>satoshi fukube</i>

<div id="appDiv"><div id="secTitle">PERSONAGE</div>
<div style="height: 140px; overflow: auto;">
<h1>★ Positive</h1><div id="appText">

• Friendly/Sociable -- Miles is a friendly guy who will go up to jsut about anyone and strike up conversation. He's the type to make all different sorts of friends with people and get along with just about anybody. Of course there are some people he wont like (i.e. bullies, homophobe jerks, serial killers) but for the most part he gets alone with people and likes to socialize and hang out. He also tends to try and drag his older brother along with him to get him more sociable.<br>
• Kind -- He's a sweetheart really, always willing to give someone a lending hand if he's able and be there for someone when they're feeling down Whether they need a hug or just a listening ear, he's willing to give.<br>
• Funny -- Miles likes to make people laugh. Though he's no class clown, he's known his way around a good joke or funny statement that's nearly guarantee to put a smile on someone's face. And he's got quite the sense of humor himself, so long as its not a joke on someone else's expense.<br>
• Smart -- While not nearly the scholastic worker like his brother, Mile sis still pretty smart. Smart enough to get himself a scholarship to the same academy his brother attends to anyways. Of course part of that is from hard work as well.<br>
• Open-Minded -- Miles tends to not care about a person's beliefs or sexuality or even preferences. To each their own is a motto of his. And so long as it's not something completely horrible like murder or pedophilia or rape, he really doesn't care. He knows a few of his brother's pretty perverted dirty little secrets and it doesn't stop him form loving his brother any less.<br>

</div><h1>★ Negative</h1><div id="appText">

• Stubborn -- Once Miles sets his mind to something, there really isn't any changing his mind. Furthermore you can not get him to back down from a challenge. It might be a stupid idea born from idiots, but he'll do it if he says he will. <br>
• Clingy -- He tends to get pretty clingy to the people he likes, especially close friends or potential boyfriend material. This goes doubly with his older brother Wilson. He just likes being close to them is all and spend as much time with them as possible. He really doesn't like having to be separated.<br>
• Brother Complex -- Brought forth from being so close in age and raised together, Miles has developed a brother complex for Wilson, his bog brother. He'll talk about Wil nonstop if you let him, always bringing out the best of his brother to anyone who will listen. He'll drag his bro out with him when he goes to hang out with friends, introduce him to new people, and likes to think of himself as Wilson confident to hear all about his woes and troubles. And while he'd like Wilson to make more friends, secretly he likes being the person Wilson will talk to most without being shy.<br>
• Impulsive -- Miles can be a bit impulsive sometimes, doing or saying random things that come to mind because suddenly it seems like a great idea. It stems from a need to occasional break from routine and add excitement to his life. Eating the same meal every lunch time? Let's start a food fight! Class getting a bit repetitive? Tell the teacher openly, in front of the whole class, that they have gorgeous eyes which you've noticed since day one. Already did that? Skip class and go on an adventure!<br>
• Busy-body -- Miles might have a tendency to stick his nose into other people's business. Mostly his brother's. He can't help but want to know what someone (i.e. Wilson) is up to, absolutely hates being out of the loop, or if they have a problem want to help regardless if they want his help or not.<br>

</div><h1>★ Likes</h1><div id="appText">

• Brother -- Many might call it a brother complex, but Miles adores his bog brother. He looks up to him and watches out for him. He's his best friend and closest confident..<br>
• Socializing -- Unlike his shy brother, Miles is a social butterfly. He loves talking with people and hanging out with a variety of sorts. To him, there's nothing better then spending time with others..<br>
• Ice Cream -- Though not one to say he has a sweet tooth, Miles has a major weakness for ice cream. When he has a bad day, nothing cheers him up more than the frozen treat. <br>
• Reading -- Miles enjoys a good book, though he'll read just about anything. Including the things his brother writes should he catch him at the computer before he posts it.<br>
• Acting -- There's always been a certain charm, a certain thrill, for Miles about the dramatic arts. He simply loves to act. Being able to transform into someone else -if only for a while- is fascinating for him and he enjoys performing for others. <br>

</div><h1>★ Dislikes</h1><div id="appText">

• Bullies/Bullying -- Though not somethign Miles himself has had much experience with, save for the occasional homophobic jerk-face, it is something he will not stand for. He has had friends who had been bullied, and even his brother has faced it sometimes, so Miles will have nothing to do with a bully. Except for standing up to them of course.<br>
• Solitude -- Miles is a social creature, and thus he can not stand to be by himself. Sure there are times when he has no choice but to be, but it's always the worst for him. He needs to be around people, preferably his brother, and can't stand the isolated feeling of being alone. It's tolerable if he has at least some means of communicating with another person.<br>
• Being Left Out -- Other people's inside jokes, a secret shared between someone else, his brother not telling him something when clearly something's happened! These are things that Miles doesn't like. He hates being left out of the loop. He has this need to be in the know how and can get sulky when he knows he's being left out of something.<br>
• Being In a Rut -- While a routine isn't bad by any means, Miles doesn't like falling into one for long periods of time. He feels life gets too boring if things stay the same for too long. He'd rather spice things up with change, mo matter how big or small, to keep things interesting. The last thing he needs is to be in a rut.<br>
• Super Sweet Stuff -- Except for ice cream, Miles doesn't have much of a sweet tooth. He likes some candies sure, but so long as they have a bit of a tart with the sweetness, something to balance it out so its not super sugary. Otherwise it's too sweet and he won't like it.<br>

</div><h1>★ Sexuality</h1><div id="appText">

Miles is defiantly homosexual, about as gay as gay could get. Not in stereotype personality traits mind you, just zero attraction to the female population of the human race. He's by no means in the closet, but he's not in your face about it either. If you ask him, he'll tell you. And if he sees a cute guy, he'll defiantly check them out. But unless you'll look for that or ask him, you might not realize he is. He's just a guy. Who will just casually, like how one talks about the weather, bring up that the guy over there across the hall is hot as hell.

</div><h1>★ Preference</h1><div id="appText">

Miles interest lies in only those with a Y chromosome. Nothing about the female body does it for him. In terms of his 'dream man', Miles likes them with a sense of a humor and pretty eyes. He's quite a sucker for a set of pretty eyes. And who doesn't love a man who can make them laugh? His ideal man must also be a total sweetheart, and romantic, yet has a bit of a wild side too. Nothing too bad, just enough to add some excitement to his life. Be spontaneous and fun! But most of all, get the Wilson Penske Stamp of Brotherly Approval. It's very important to Miles that his big brother approves of any potential boyfriend.

</div><h1>★ Habits</h1><div id="appText">

• Ear Tugging -- When ever he's unsure about something, or stressed out, or nervous Miles has a habit of tugging his right ear a little bit. He doesn't know why he does it, and half the time he isn't even aware. He just does it. The only time he isn't doing so is if he's acting in a role.<br>
• Character Takeover -- Whenever he's working on some role for a play, be it audition, rehearsing or during the number of times performing, parts of the character work over into his actual self. Sometimes its little things, and sometimes its big things. Like an accent or the character's habits or reactions. He's still there, it's just bits of the character added to him. <br>

</div><h1>★ Fear</h1><div id="appText">

• Dogs -- He hadn't always been afraid of dogs, he used to love them when he was really little. Then one day when he was in kindergarten, he got attacked by someone's escaped German Shepard. The dog had bit his thigh really badly and he had to go to the hospital to get stitches. He's been terrified of dogs ever since.<br>


<div id="appDiv">
<div id="secTitle">BACKSTORY</div>
<h1>★ Parents.</h1><div id="appText">

Shirley and Robert Penske

</div><h1>★ Siblings.</h1><div id="appText">

Cadence Penske (sister, 17), Wilson Penske (brother, 15)

</div><h1>★ History.</h1><div id="appText">

Miles was the baby of the Penske family, born only a little over a year since their last child Wilson. It was suffice to say his parents were very passionate for each other. Naturally, being so close in age and so young, Miles and Wilson often shared a room as they grew up while their sister had her own room. They had a pretty normal childhood, raised well enough with love and care and went to school once it was time. Miles became pretty attached to his older brother,a fact that became apparent when he was four years old and Wilson had started to go to school.<br>
Before that time, it was normal to see Miles trailing behind his brother as they often played together since their sister often wanted to do her own thing. So no one thought much of it. But it became clear how much Miles was attached when he threw the biggest fit when Wilson got to go somewhere without him and would latch onto him the moment he returned from school.<br>
It got better the following year when Miles got to go to kindergarten himself. There were other children to play with and so many things to learn. He had almost forgotten that Wilson wasn't in class with him. Almost. No hissy fit was thrown, but he'd latch onto his brother's hand the moment it was time to go home. Not that Wilson ever seemed to complain, he was always a quiet boy who kept to himself when Miles wasn't around. Miles was the opposite. He was much more like their sister, outgoing and popular among the other kids. It made some wonder why he always wanted to play with his brother when he had so many more options.<br>
But Miles admired his quiet and shy big brother. He was the one who would always play with him, since their sister had 'better' things to do and their parents too busy, and would always listen to what Miles had to say and never ever said a mean word to him. And when he got attacked by the German Shepard that tragic day in Kindergarten, Wilson was the one to hold his hand all the way to the hospital. Miles admired what a kind brother Wilson was and as they got older, saw just how smart he was too. And wanted to be just as smart as he was.<br>
Of course Miles was more than happy to play with other kids, especially as he got older, but he made a point to drag Wilson off with him as much as possible. Not always would it work, and the baby of the family had to learn to deal with that, but he was always happier when he manged to get his shy brother to join him with his friends. He wanted the people he liked best to all be together.<br>
He began to realize his sexuality when he was around ten years old. Other boys at one point or another developed puppy crushes on girls and vice versa, but Miles found himself developing a crush on his friend Michael who was pretty popular with girls. He didn't really get it until one day he overheard his friend Sarah say she was going to marry Michael. He suddenly felt a pulse of jealousy run through him and with puffed up cheeks said quite simply that <b>he</b> was going to be the one to marry Michael. All the other kids froze at his statement, some blinking in confusion, others in disbelief. Sarah had looked mad and told him that boys couldn't marry other boys and he got mad back, demanding to know why. Another kid said it was because the law said so, which he stated was stupid. Then Michael himself said that Miles was weird, a few others agreeing while some just seemed unsure, and for the first time little Miles felt heartbreak.<br>
He went home in tears, running off to the room he shared with Wilson -his brother already home from middle school- and asking the older boy if he was weird. He didn't give the other much room to answer his question, instead bawling his eyes out as he asked more questions like why was it weird that he liked another boy? Or why couldn't boys get married to each other? Was there something wrong with him? Was he broken? Wilson didn't give him much of an answer, no doubt the shy boy was out of his element in what to do, but Miles would never forget the warmth of the hug his brother did give him in an attempt to comfort him and give him reassurance. Miles held onto that hug, and that was where their parents would find them upon coming home from work. Asking him what was wrong, he told them about what happened in school -never letting go of Wilson as he did so- and asked them the same questions he did his brother.<br>
It was a quite the emotional day for the family, but with it came acceptance that Miles would later on in life come to truly appreciate. School was a bit different. Many kids still played with him and were his friends, even Sarah, but some began to avoid him with words of their parents saying what he was wasn't right. Michael wasn't his friend anymore. He cried for days because of it.<br>
Middle school started up for him, once again schooling with his brother, and things felt like they were growing normal again. He made more friends, was introduced to his love of theater by his required drama elective, and formed a crush on an older boy. Sadly his crush was not recuperated and when after being rejected when he had worked up the nerve to confess, he found himself getting hit with rocks by the same boy and some of his friends. Most were small and only left little red welts or a couple bruises. But one was big and sharp and cut the top of his forehead. When he came home covered in blood and bruises, his parents called the school and Miles confessed to who hurt him. The boys were suspended and all of Miles friends fussed over him when he came to school with a bruised face and a stitched up forehead.<br>
Shortly after, Miles was forced to say goodbye to his good friends as his family was moving away to Japan. He was sad to leave them all behind, and they all promised to keep in touch by writing letters and emails. A promise that was kept even to current time. Life in Japan was a bit difficult at first, Miles struggling a bit with the language even with the lesson he had been taking long before the move (which in hindsight should have clued him in that they were going to move to a new country at some point). But many kids were attracted to the foreigner like moths to a flame and Miles made plenty of friends.<br>
When Wilson got his scholarship and started his high school days at an all boys boarding school, Miles experienced for the first time ever what it was like to have his own room. And he hated it. It was like his days before kindergarten all over again, but worse. Because he didn't get to see his brother at all except during vacation time. It made him spend more and more time with his friends before going home, trying to avoid the empty room, and even cling around his older sister just so he had someone to be with. Naturally when Wilson did come home, Miles wouldn't leave his side save for bathroom breaks. And even then he'd hover near the door.<br>
Because of this, Miles was determined to go to the same school so e could be with his brother. It took a to of hard studying, for he was smart but not as smart as Wilson (or so he seems to think), but eventually he too passed entrance exams and gotten scholarships to the school. One of which was for the performing arts in the drama department. Easy to say it was the best day of his life when he learned he too could go to Dotai Academy. That it was an all boys school which allowed him to room with potentially cute boys was an added bonus.

</div></div><div id="appDiv">
<div id="secTitle">BEHIND THE SCENES</div>

<h1>★ OOC Name</h1><div id="appText">


</div><h1>★ Other Characters</h1><div id="appText">


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