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 Getting caught up..(open)
Victor Humphery
 Posted: Jan 24 2017, 12:18 PM


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Victor hums happily as he walks through the greenhouse enjoying the smell of the flowers. "Oh I just love it here so nice and calming!" He laughs and smiles looking around. It was nice to see some of the students tending to the flowers. He thinks for a moment before nodding his head. "Yes I will also tend to something." He giggles and goes around looking for some flowers he liked. He claps his hands smiling seeing some rose bushes. "Oh the gardeners always tool such good care of the roses back home. I'll tend to them, I'll just copy the gardeners." He grabs some clippers and a watering can.

He stands still looking over one of the rose bushes. He carefully clips a dead leaf off and squeals. "I did it!" He clips a few more leaves then goes at a rose. "Well this one looks a little dead, but it's still pretty. Maybe I'll keep it." He giggles but whines loudly dropping the clippers. He quickly brings his finger to his mouth as he looks at the rose bush sadly. He sniffles after a minute and takes his finger out of his mouth. "Ouch.." He looks at the red mark on his finger from one of the thorns on the roses. He sighs and shakes his head. "Nope not giving up yet. Gardening is hard but a prince shouldn't quit just because of a bump."

He nods his head and picks up the watering can. He smiles at the rose bush he'd been working on. "I bet your thirsty." He giggles as he starts to water it. He brings his face closer to one of the big rose flowers on the bush while he watered. He takes a deep breath. "What a pretty smell." He was almost done watering the plant when he hears a buzzing sound. He gasps when a bee comes flying around him. He stumbles as he tries to back away from the bee, only to fall back. His hair came undone from its ponytail in the middle of his fall. He lets out another yelp as the rest of the water from the watering can slipped onto him. He whines rubbing his hip and blushes slightly in embarrassment. "Hopefully no one seen that.."

He sighs as he tries to get as much water off himself as he could before getting up. He stands up slowly and goes to walk away from the scene but gets jerked back causing him to fall again. He whine loudly and frowns. Someone must have pulling his hair to cause him to fall. How rude of someone! He turns his head to glare at whoever pulling his hair. He blinks and the color leaves his face slightly. His hair was all tangled in the rose bushes. He looks around and tries to free his hair before anyone seen him. He was already known for being clumsy but this seemed to be even worse than clumsy. He sniffles as he only gets a few hairs free but his fingers were all poked up. He sniffles and looks around, He wished someone he knew would save him. It'd be a little less embarrassing right? "Ah wait maybe it wouldn't.. I don't know.." He sniffles more and starts to cry. "Someone please help me!"

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