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Feb 20 2017, 11:10 AM
Fang sighs happily as he stretches at the gate of the shrine. "Hm what to do today? The person before me seems to have gotten all the leaves sweep up. And everything looks pretty good.. Maybe I'll do a little training since I don't really have anything to do!" He smiles and runs toward one of the trees near the shrine. He jumps and pushes off the tree and grabs onto the closest branch. He pulls himself up and stands on the branch. He reaches up and pulls one of his training katanas from the branch above. "I like this hiding place it's fun to get to!" He laughs and jumps over to the roof since the branch pretty much lead up to it. He carefully walks on the roof and throws off some of the leaves that were up there. "Hmm I'll have to get up here again later with the broom. I'm probably the only one crazy enough to come up here though." He laughs again and smiles as he continues his walk to the other side of the roof. He carefully makes his way down the sloped side of the roof and jumps off landing on his feet.

"I forgot walking on the roof when there's leaves on it is dangerous.. Well at least I didn't get hurt." He smiles as he stands up and thinks of something. He looks around, ok no one around, He stands up straight and points a finger out. "Don't try that at home kids. I'm a professional." He laughs at his joke and stretches one more time. "Ok practice time." He normally didn't train by the shrine but it seemed slow today. He takes a deep breath as he gets into his stance. He began to train but if you didn't notice his sword someone would probably think he was dance with his movements. He stops for a moment and takes a breath. "I think I'll use that practice at the next kendo meeting!" He nods his head then restarts the practice he'd played out.
May 24 2016, 11:13 PM
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Fang hums happily as he does his duties at the shrine. He sweeps the ground, pulls weeds, and washes things up a little to make them shine. He looks around happily at his work nodding his head. "Looks good! Now I can practice!" He starts to go off toward the lake but stops as he looks at the roof on the shrine. Leafs, no those need to go. He grabs he broom and holds it in one hand. He looks at the tree in front of him that had a branch close to the shrine. He'll get on the roof from there! He takes a deep breath before running toward the tree. He runs up the trunk jumping before he started to fall back down and grabs the branch with his free arm. He sighs and smiles happy he didn't miss the branch that time. He swings slightly and flips up onto the branch. He waves his hand around slightly from the burn he got from the branch. He blows on it and laughs. "Ok time for the roof!" He carefully gets onto the roof and quickly starts to sweep at the leaves. He does a thumbs up once he was done and jumps of the roof landing on his feet. "There now I'm done!" He puts the broom away and grabs his sword. He goes over by the lake and takes out the sword from it's sheath and starts to practice.
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Dec 12 2015, 01:33 AM
Fang hums softly as he carries his sword in a large bag along with some other things. He looks around the park trying to find a spot so he could relax and practice. He smiles when he sees a spot near a group of trees. There was no one really around there and it was shaded, a perfect spot! He jogs over to the spot and spins around falling back onto his back. He laughs softly as he looks at the sky, it was so nice out. He pulls out a scarf from his bag since it was a bit chilly in the shade. But he was actually use to the cold so he could still wear his normal outfit. The scarf was all he needed. He sits up and stretches "What to do first? I think I'll try to draw that picture for grandmother.. After that I'll practice.. Maybe I'll do it the other way around.." He sighs and rubs the back of his head. "Aww, I'm not sure what to do first.. I can't believe I'm not sure what to do.." He crosses his arms and leans back against the tree.

He closes his eyes and clicks his tongue. "Well I guess I shouldn't be so upset.. I mean I normally have so much to do.. I do school work, help at the shrine, kendo practice, and then just doing practice, oh I also visit grandfather and grandmother... Today is one of my relaxing day.. I'm never sure on these days.." He chuckles softly and opens his eyes. "I'll practice first I'm no good at drawing anyway.." He opens his bag more pulling out his Kanata. He takes off the sheath and stands up. He gets in his stance and starts to practice. "Once I'm done with this I'll go for a jog.."
Oct 21 2015, 11:49 AM
Fang smiles as he lays down in the grass looking up at the sky. Today was for relaxing he had nothing to do. No club, no shrine work, no homework actually. He chuckles to himself, he wasn't use to having nothing to do it was a little strange. Well when he normally has stuff to do he practices. He sits up for a moment debating on doing his practice like he normally does. He shakes his head against the idea. He could practice tomorrow no problem in taking a day to cool off. Even his grandfather said sometimes everyone just needs a day or a few hours to themselves. It helped them not lose their head. He lays back down in the grass and reaches his hand out to the sky smiling to himself.

"Next day I don't have many things to do, I'll go visit my grandparents. I'm sure they have a lot of questions for him.." He laughs and smiles wide. "But I also want some of grandmothers home cooking!" He pats his stomach laughing more. He lets his other hand that was reaching out to the sky fall and drape over his eyes. He takes a deep breath and sighs softly. Maybe a little nap wouldn't' hurt.
Oct 17 2015, 04:47 PM
Fang smiles happily as he walks into the dojo with his kendo gear. It was time for a little practice before the club meeting tomorrow. He sets his gear down and walks to the changing room to change into kendo outfit. He walks back out and moves around a bit making sure he had his stuff on tight. He nods his head smiling happily. He walks over to his bag and takes up his kendo stick. He gets into his normal stance and starts to practice. He counts to himself quiet and once he was done with his normal warm ups he starts to practice the actually routine he had planned for today.
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