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Naomi Akiyama

Unmei Citizen

My Content
Aug 25 2015, 05:12 PM
Ah… it’s another win, Nao-chama! Congratulations!

The little silver-haired boy beamed, looking very much out of place as he bounced up and down at the roulette table in his bright red geta. He’d been carded more than once, but with his driver’s license tucked right into his belt, there was little anyone could do.

You know I couldn’t have done it without you, Luna.” The blue-haired man standing by his side gave his hair an affectionate ruffle, causing him to squeak and cover his head.

The empress and his princess. They were an attractive pair, and somehow, they seemed to make a pretty good team. For whatever reason, when the two of were together, they had absolutely impeccable luck – though surely that was only an illusion. It wasn’t as if they never lost, and any other patterns, well, those could be attributed to simple confirmation bias.

But they couldn’t deny that they’d had a good run today. Naomi’s already sizeable pile of chips must have quadrupled, and that wasn’t even taking their denominations into account. His Luna didn’t gamble, but just looking at them it was obvious that they shared the winnings – which, incidentally, seemed to have mostly been spent on alcohol.

It showed in Naomi’s slurred laughter and the slight flush in his cheeks, but it was perhaps most obvious in the way he bent to pick up his chips, almost falling towards the table until his younger subordinate pulled on his arm.

Naoko-chama – ” The younger boy’s eyes flickered behind the taller man, focusing briefly on a distant figure before he turned back to his empress and scooped the chips up in his hands. “I’m gonna trade these in, so I’ll see you later, okay?

With how drunk he was, it took Naomi a moment to realize he must have seen the man they'd come here for. Ah, he was so proud of his Luna's sharp eyes. So clever, wasn't he? And so cute.

But it looked like it was time to refocus his attentions.
Aug 18 2015, 08:42 PM
<center><div class='pf1'><div class='pf2'><div class='pf3'>

<img src='https://i.gyazo.com/f120df81268ba1deea64159c428b33fe.png'>

</div><div class='t1s'><div class='t1'><input type='radio' id='pt1' name='tg-1' checked><label for='pt1'>I</label>
<div class='tcontent'><div class='pf4'>



</div><div class='pf4'>



leader of polaris


bisexual, leans towards men


5’ 9”/ 130 lbs

<h3>FACE CLAIM</h3>



<div class='pf4'>
<h3>PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION</h3><div class='pf5'>

Naomi is nothing but skin and muscle. His body is well-defined, but at times it’s hard to tell if it’s because he’s particularly strong or because he’s particularly skinny. Either way, it means he has a rather striking look – everything about him is sharp, from the angle of his chin to the gleam in his eyes. On top of that, he’s got a mean sense of style. Everything about his casual, messy look is perfectly coordinated, from his sloppily-buttoned shirts to his seemingly-uncombed hair. <p>

His hair is dyed, of course, but apparently the bright yellow eyes are all-natural.

<div class='t1'><input type='radio' id='pt2' name='tg-1'><label for='pt2'>II</label>
<div class='tcontent'><div class='pf4'>
<h3>POSITIVE</h3><div class='pf5' id='d1'>

• CONFIDENT – Nothing seems to get Naomi down. The way he talks, you’d think he could do literally anything.
• CHARISMATIC – Naomi’s quite the smooth-talker. People just seem to listen to him… although he cheats a little with his powers, of course.
• FRIENDLY – Naomi loves to talk, and even if you look pretty grouchy, he won’t mind chatting you up.
• SHREWD – Naomi is good at turning things in his favour, but knows when something is more trouble than it’s worth. Of course, that doesn’t mean he won’t come back later…
• PERSISTENT – If Naomi wants something, he’s getting it one way or another. He’s one of those “there is no try” kind of guys.

</div><h3>NEGATIVE</h3><div class='pf5' id='d1'>

• SELFISH – Naomi isn’t incapable of doing things for other people, but he doesn’t like to do them unless he gets something in return. Really, he’d prefer it if he got the most profit out of everyone around him. Someone’s gotta lead, right?
• PETTY – If you insult his hair, expect an insult in turn. If you snub his gang, expect to get kicked into a pond. In Naomi’s eyes, even the smallest offense needs to be taken care of.
• RUDE – It comes with being selfish, really. When he matters the most of everyone, why should he bother being polite?
• STUBBORN – The more obnoxious side of his persistence. He likes to be right, and sometimes that means he sticks to what he wants to even beyond reason.
• IMMORAL – Not amoral – Naomi certainly knows right from wrong, but that doesn’t mean he cares.
<div class='pf4'><div class='pf5' id='d3'>

• MONEY<br>

• SEX<br>















</div></div><div id="d2">

<img src='https://i.gyazo.com/b7720373352d805ab382ff669734a508.png'>

<img src='https://i.gyazo.com/a5d96c2d4eb5c21f10953c66bc1570fd.png'>

<img src='https://i.gyazo.com/6a6ef19fd4cd661089ad1f181c2aac63.png'>

</div></div></div><div class='t1'><input type='radio' id='pt3' name='tg-1'><label for='pt3'>III</label>
<div class='tcontent'><div class='pf4' id='d3'>

Saburo Akiyama, Hanako Akiyama

Keiichiro Akiyama (nineteen)

It’s obvious just from looking at him that Naomi comes from a life of extravagance, one that rivals those of the average student at Dotai. He has the easy confidence and the fine clothes of someone who has never felt the struggles of a tight budget, and at first glance you might think he grew up in a nice place in the countryside, perhaps one of those cozy Japanese-style homes with a white magnolia and a koi pond.<p>

This would be very far from the truth. Certainly, Naomi has a lot of money, and he has always had a lot of money, but his upbringing was anything but “cozy.” In fact, he spent most of his childhood in the backrooms of the Orchid Lounge – his “playmates,” when he had any at all, were usually tipsy hosts on break who were quite willing to give him sips from their bottles. <p>

But most of his time was spent alone. His parents, busy with their work as the owners of the Lounge, barely spoke to him at all. They made a show of bringing him to the club instead of leaving him with a nanny at home, but for all they interacted with him the nanny probably would have been a better idea. <p>

As Naomi remembers it, they taught him very little, but at the very least they made it clear he was not to step into the club proper until he was much older. Naomi, however, found this to be a very dull way to live. Even as a toddler, he found himself drawn to all the noise and light from where his parents worked, and just about as soon as he could work the door handle he began to sneak outside. <p>

It was small things at first. Too nervous to show his face around so many adults, he’d hide behind the bar and listen to the banter between the customers and the bartenders. The bartenders, hardly wanting to have a crying child on their hands, let him stay there so long as he didn’t make noise, and soon he was spending hours just huddling on the floor, learning a good deal more about the world than most children his age. <p>

Which was fine, from his parents’ point of view. In fact, perhaps because their child seemed to have finally settled down, or perhaps just because they were pretty lazy when it came to protection, they actually had another. <p>

Another boy, in fact, and quite the high-maintenance baby – which is to say that he was a fairly typical baby and his parents simply didn’t have much patience. Naomi’s spotty parental supervision became pretty much non-existent. <p>

The boy who had so far been content to hide under the bar counter began to have comments of his own. About the quality of the beer. About the state of the stock market. Most worryingly, about the illegal deals going on right above his head, who was getting a good deal, who was being duped, who should get the biggest share of the drugs. <p>

Bafflingly, nobody minded too much for the most part. The child had a natural charisma that stopped people from thinking too hard about the fact that he was butting into matters that didn’t concern him, or, more importantly, that at his age he really didn’t belong in the bar to begin with. <p>

But, for once in their lives, his parents realized they had to intervene. They didn’t want their elder son getting killed by some gang bigshot – or worse, kidnapped for leverage against them. Within a few weeks they acquired him a private tutor so that he could have his education under their (rather inconsistent) supervision. When this failed to keep his interest, they enrolled him in just about every class he was willing to take, from piano to robotics, and had him brought there and back by a servant (really a bodyguard) who made sure nobody came back with him at the end of the day. <p>

The one that stuck was kenjutsu, the art of Japanese swordfighting. Perhaps something appealed to him about having a lethal weapon of his own, just like the gun-toting criminals that passed through the club every day. Perhaps he just liked the look of the swords. But the fact remained that Naomi finally seemed to be spending most of his energy on something that wasn’t club business, and his parents allowed themselves to relax.<p>

They turned their attention back to their younger son, who, rather thankfully, had not followed his brother’s example (if only because they barely even spoke). Meanwhile, Naomi slowly worked his way back into the club scene and became rather popular, earning the title of “princess” for his flirtatious nature and his excellent sense of style. <p>

Although he was surrounded by gang affairs, he never sided with anyone. Instead, he used the neutrality of the Orchid Lounge to get a front row seat to the rise and fall of power without ever having to be involved himself. <p>

Perhaps it was an odd sort of entertainment, but he loved to see the way each group struggled to keep themselves relevant in a sea of competitors, the way every deal was a new duel.<p>

But as the years went by, the Orchid Lounge became less and less colourful. Dealings became hushed, relegated to the corners of the club as if they could thus be hidden. Gangs were starting to disappear altogether, and not because of the police. No, they were being taken out by something far bigger and far more organized than the police had ever been: Okami no Kari, an old gang that had long been dormant, but was once again becoming the biggest group in the city.<p>

Naomi let it happen, not that he could have done much to stop it. After all, this was only the natural way of things. Naomi figured that sooner or later the leader would be taken out, or the group would self-destruct, and soon things would be back to normal.<p>

But that didn’t happen. Okami no Kari only grew bigger. The other groups continued to be thinned out. Eventually, even the neutrality that the Orchid Lounge so prided itself on became biased in their favour. <p>

Naomi would have none of it. He told his parents straight – the entire reason for the Lounge’s existence was to provide a neutral ground for gang dealings. They’d done this for decades, but Okami no Kari was interfering with everything that they stood for. <p>

Rather reasonably, his parents countered that they would rather go against their ideals than be dead. They explained to him that although Okami no Kari might have been quiet for years, many still remembered their former glory, and that now that they were back nobody in their right mind would cross them.<p>

They made the unfortunate assumption that Naomi was in his right mind. Rather than admit defeat, he left the Lounge entirely (with a fat wad of his parents’ cash) and started his own gang with the express purpose of interfering with Okami’s authority. Polaris, he called it. A lone star in a sea of darkness. <p>

But with his charisma, he isn’t staying alone for long.

</div></div></div><div class='t1'><input type='radio' id='pt4' name='tg-1'><label for='pt4'>IV</label>
<div class='tcontent'><div class='pf4'>


<h2>19, UTC-05, 6 OTHER CHARACTERS</h2>

</div><div class='pf4' id='d1'>


Naomi is known as “Naoko” as the empress of Polaris, and “Aiko” as a nickname outside of the gang. <p>

ABILITY (power of suggestion):<br>
-this ability cannot be used on player characters without their rper's permission-<br>
Naomi has a rudimentary form of mind control that works, as per the name, on the power of suggestion. He must verbally suggest that someone do something or think something, with the express intention of controlling them*, for his powers to take hold. <p>

However, he does not have to make an outright command: “I’m not that interesting anyways” would usually suffice, for example, to make someone forget his face. The verbal nature of this power means that if Naomi cannot speak, if his statement is interrupted, or if his victim cannot hear or cannot understand him, the suggestion will fail. <p>

Naturally, this means that the longer and more convoluted his suggestion, the more likely it is that his victim will tune him out or otherwise stop listening somewhere in the middle and prevent his ability from working. This is compounded by the fact that his powers exert a noticeable pressure on a victim’s mind that becomes more recognizable with repeated exposure. This pressure is not noticeable in voice recordings of his suggestions, which hold no power over anybody (his abilities are strictly in-person only, meaning that something like a phone call will be useless).<p>

*Some clarification on what counts as “express intention of controlling someone”: <br>
- Naomi has to be actively thinking of controlling the specific people his suggestion is directed towards. This means that even if he was standing in front of a whole group of people willing to listen to what he said, he couldn’t control all of them. His words would only take effect on the individuals he managed to distinguish from the crowd, and only if he thought of controlling them in particular. He wouldn’t need to know exactly who they were, but if he lost sight of them and had no clear mental image of them his abilities would fail.<br>
- When only a few people are in the area, it’s much easier for Naomi to pinpoint who he’s trying to control. Even if he only hears their voice, he can still direct his abilities towards them so long as he doesn’t get confused about who they are – although naturally he’ll still fail if the person he’s trying to control can’t hear him in person.<br>
- If Naomi isn’t aware of someone’s presence, any attempt to control the people in his area will be entirely ineffective on the unnoticed person.<p>

The difficulty of using this power scales directly with how opposed Naomi’s victims are to his suggestion. Even something as simple as making someone eat broccoli would be difficult if they truly hated the vegetable. On the other hand, he could convince someone to kill a man with relative ease if their morals were low and they weren’t afraid of the consequences.<p>

He can only use this power to make someone something that is relatively simple, and which won’t take a very long time. In the case of murder, he could make someone stab a man that was in front of him, but making them perform a complicated assassination would be out of his abilities – in that case, he could only make them more amenable to the idea of killing someone, and hope that they could handle the job themself.<p>

In the case of altering someone’s thoughts, the difficulty of the ability mostly has to do with how strong the victim’s thoughts are to begin with. It is easy for him to suggest that someone hasn’t seen his face when they only caught a glimpse of it, but far more difficult when he speaks to them on a regular basis. Similarly, it would be easy for him to convince someone that they prefer a dog to a cat if they have no preference themself, but far more difficult for him to convince them they prefer a dog to a cat if their ex-boyfriend had a dog and it tore up their furniture. As a whole, making people forget things is easier than making them think new things altogether.<p>

The energy for this power comes directly from Naomi himself, and if he starts to overuse it there are physical consequences – even on a typical day he gets recurring headaches, and pushing himself too far can lead to severe pain and internal bleeding. Anything in the “difficult” category above would be enough to give him a migraine, as would trying to control more than five people at once for even the simplest of suggestions. (Attempting to control even two people at once with a difficult suggestion would be about as painful as taking a knife to the chest, and he might cough up blood.)<p>

Something such as wiping a friend's entire memory of him over the course of several months would leave him in a state that required hospitalization, and would leave his abilities unusable for days, possibly weeks.

</div><div class='d4'>

<img src='http://i.imgur.com/WsIIJlL.jpg'>

</div></div></div><div class='pf1Creds'>template &copy cerasri</div></center>
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