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Lieko Vonvertex

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May 19 2016, 09:44 AM
Lieko sighs as he makes his way up to the shrine. He didn't come here much, but if he had something to think about there weren't many people here to bug him here. It was peaceful. He pulls out a cigarette from the pack and puts it back in his pocket. He pulls out his lighter and lights the cigarette. He takes a deep breath and sighs releasing a bit of smoke out of the corner of his mouth. He puts away the light and finally makes it to the top of the stairs. He looks around with a rather bored look on his face. He takes a drag off his cigarette and pulls it away from his mouth letting a puff of smoke out. He goes over to the offering box placing the cigarette back to his mouth. He stares at box for a moment before flipping a coin into it. He walks away going over to a big tree sitting down on the ground. He looks up at the sky taking another drag off his cigarette. "Man what a pain.." He closes his eyes and sighs as he let's his mind wander to the things bothering him.
May 8 2016, 03:03 AM
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Lieko hums as he leans up against a wall outside a hotel across from a bar. He was here for the bar mostly since he was meeting up with one of his old friends. He was hoping to get the guy to join his gang here. He said he'd be waiting out the Hotel Gin-Luv since the bar across from it wasn't one of the popular ones. It was hidden between two flashy shops so it was normally missed unless you were looking for it. He sighs softly as had to wave on a few prostitute telling them he wasn't interested. It was a little disappointing really, he'd love to have a good time. But he didn't want to miss this meeting. He frowns and his eye twitches one a few people came up to him acting like he was a prostitute. He punches them and throws them away from him. "Back off!" He kicks them and growls annoyed at them. But he does smirk seeing them run off, that should help him get left alone. He yawns and takes out his pack of cigarettes and shakes it slightly letting one pop out. He bites the end slightly as he pulls it out of the pact so it would fall to the ground. He puts the pact away and lights his cigarette.
He takes a deep breath and blows smoke rings watching them disappear. He sighs softly scratching his head before rest a hand in his jackets pocket. He takes a few more drags off his cigarette before looking into the hotel lobby. He looks at the clock and frowns. "Where the hell is he damn it?! I swear if he's bailed I'm kickin his ass!" The guy was almost thirty minutes late. He grits his teeth annoyed and his normal scowl on his face got worse. He takes another long drag off his cigarette and runs a hand through his hair.

</div><div class="lyr3">Temptation leads us, it's too late for goodbye</div>

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Dec 20 2015, 01:17 AM
Lieko sighs and runs a slightly bloody hand through his hair. He smirks as he looks around him at the four guys laying on the ground knocked out, and pretty bloody. He chuckles popping his head "I tried to tell you guys not to pick a fight with me.. I even gave you a chance to back out.." Lieko had just been minding his own business, walking around a bit and heading to bar he normally visits when he's on this side of town. Theses guys on the ground had came out of a casino. Guess they lost all their money, or they were in a bad mood since they targeted him. He noticed that they were following him and he started to try and lost them. Of course he got tired of them following him and went down an alley. He was going to just tell them to quit following him and be done with it. He was until they started mouthing off and then got into the fighting mode. He warned them, he really tried but when they came after him what was he suppose to do.

And that's how all of this happened. He yawns and stretches as he takes a deep breath. "Well thanks for fun guys.. But I'm going leave now.." He steps over one of the guys and walks out of the alley. He hums softly and looks at his hands. "Better go clean up first.." He goes across the street to small convenience store. He goes to the bathroom and washes his hands and face. He walks out and starts looking for a snack that fight made him a bit hungry. He was also still a bit annoyed about what those stupid guys did. "Idiots.. People can be so stupid.."
Dec 10 2015, 09:33 PM
Lieko yawns with a mad look on his face. He sits down at the bar crossing his arms. "Give me your strongest drink! Then three shots of vodka.. And a glass of water.. I want to forget this day.." He growls and runs a hand through his hair. His day had been pretty bad, he was actually trying to be nice today. But everything seemed to blow up in his face. First, a woman screams that he was trying to steal from her when he was just trying to help her out since some guys were giving her strange looks. Then, he gets yelled at by some hobo when he tried giving him food. Well that was just a misunderstanding, the guy wasn't a hobo. But he shouldn't have liked so much like a hobo! After that he almost got hit by a car trying to save a kid and his dog. The mom freaked out thinking he was trying to hurt the kid.

He was done after that! That was the end of him trying to be nice and his normal bad mood came back with guns blazing. He sighs and kicks the bar. He looks around the bar glaring at everyone. Why the hell did they have to be so loud about letting everyone in the damn place about what a good time they were having. He looks at the bar tender when they finally bring him the order. He quickly downs two of the vodkas and sighs. He takes a sip of water and leans back looking at the ceiling. "I'll probably have to order more or get into fight to improve my mood!"
Aug 31 2015, 10:13 PM
Lieko hums as he walks around homing district of Unmei city. He did enjoy causing trouble in the other parts of the housing district, it was just to much fun. He leans up against the window of small store and pulls out a cigarette from his pack in his pocket. He places the cigarette in his mouth and hums as he lights it. "I wonder what I'm going to do for the rest of the day.. I don't feel like going to work.." He takes a long drag off his cigarettes and lets out a large cloud of smoke. He runs a hand through his fiery red hair as he looks around. He blinks for a few moments before a big smirk appears on his face.

Oh what's this? Where could little brother Alex be running toward to so fast. He chuckles as Alex runs past him. Just before he gets to far from him or he notices him Lieko grabs the back of Alex's shirt pulling him back onto his butt. "Where you going Alex? Have a play date?" He chuckles ad smirks as he lets out a cloud of smoke in Alex's face.
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