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Carlisle Dorchester

Second Year

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May 27 2017, 09:53 PM
Once he was sure everything was ready, he made sure again. And then one more time. It had to be perfect. Tonight had to be as great as his partner was, because he deserved nothing less. Carlisle had never put this much effort into anything romantic, ever, but not and then it was necessary. Tonight, the romance was necessary. Because there was one important question, and if he didn't even put in enough effort to get the answer he wants, then he probably didn't even deserve to ask it.

Everything was set up at the restaurant early on in the day. The waiters and cooks knew about the whole thing and had everything set up. The restaurant was already high class, so he didn't have to worry about that. This could be the single most expensive date he'd ever taken anyone on, including Koge, and he'd happily spend more if he thought the man would like it. The table was nice, the atmosphere, everything. All he had to do was get ready, then show up.

His hand almost stayed glued to his pocket. That's where the ring was and he could not lose it. If anything else tonight failed, he could not lose the ring. He pulled it out of his pocket to view it once more. The silver band shone in the light magnificently, and the inscription on the inside felt nice against his fingers when he touched it. He meant every word. And Koge could wear a little piece of his heart every day (unless he said no).

When the time came later on, Koge was to meet him at said restaurant, dresses nicely. He'd told him this was a date for their anniversary and that he thought they should do something special, and the man believed him. They didn't get to date often, since their schedules were a bit busy, but the blonde definitely made time for this. He sat at the table in his black suit (probably the only one he owned), picking nervously at one of the many red rose petals strewn decoratively across the table. The candle had just been lit and was (as far as he remembered), Koge's favorite scent. He really hoped he didn't fuck everything up by having a small candle there, but time would tell. Periodically, his eyes would dart around the room in search of his partner, and his hand would brush against the pocket containing the ring to make sure it was still there. It was. Everything was fine. All that was left was for the love of his life to show up and have dinner with him.
Jan 24 2017, 04:26 AM

Damn. He should have locked his door. It was completely his fault that he wasn't in the habit of doing so. He had to had a roommate in a while, so he didn't really see a need, until the one person he didn't ever want to see waltzed in like he owned the damn place. Connor was really getting on his nerves. It was a weird sort of thing. He sort of liked meeting with him but...Well that was just because Carlisle liked Sex. Everything else, like Connor's personality, he could definitely do without. He'd convinced himself that Connor was going to hurt him or his friends if he didn't do what he was asked, but sometimes, he did it for fun. He couldn't quite figure out which one it was this time, but by the time Connor was on top of him, removing their clothes, forcing his tongue down his throat in that dominant way he did, he wasn't thinking about much else.

What made it worse was that he was going to meet up with Koge for a while. He said they could hang out and they were supposed to meet up, but he'd been intercepted before he could even leave his dorm. Normally, it wouldn't have been a big deal. He'd ditched people before and had less of a problem with it, but he did like Koge. It always made him feel a sting of guilt whenever he had to leave him because Connor was calling. And after Connor was finished with him, Koge was the only one he really wanted to see.

Mmmf, he couldn't even think too hard about that either, not with teeth on his neck, right at that spot, drawing little noises out of him. God, he really hated that Connor could make him feel like that. He wasn't even sure he fought hard against the man pinning him to the couch. He tried to stifle his noises, but the way the other was grinding on him, it was pointless. He wanted to tell him to stop, but he just couldn't bring himself to say it. The only thing he could say was the 4th year's name.
Nov 30 2016, 06:02 PM

It had been some time since he'd graduated from Dotai. His last few years were actually pretty nice. He concentrated a bit more on his academics, though he still had time for his other hobbies, and was able to graduate and get an internship being a psychologist. In London, of course. When he went back, he was actually surprised to learn that 'Daddy dearest' had placed a wager on him. His friend was betting that he couldn't take an orphan and make something out of him. Daddy dearest, thanks to Carlisle, won that wager and split the winnings with him. It wasn't much, but It afforded him little pleasures.

Even though it was nice to be back in Manchester where things were familiar, he missed Japan. He had so much fun at Dotai, meeting new people, learning things...but there was one person he missed more than anything.

He thought about Koge a lot, even though he hadn't seen him in years since he left Japan. It was really heart breaking to split up with him. Koge was the only person he'd ever actually fallen in love with and there was no way he'd ever forget that. He met someone else, sure, but it wasn't the same. Once he'd finished his internship, he planned a trip to celebrate. He thought he might take a friend, relax, see some sights, but the more he thought about where to go, the more he thought about being able to see the one person that meant so much to him.

So, it was decided. He hasn't really had much contact with Koge in a while, but he knew where he was from and thought he might look for him there, so he booked a flight to Kamakura. It was a shot in the dark to hope he's just run into him, but he'd make sure it happened if it was the last thing he did. When he arrived, and checked into his hotel, the first thing he did was head to the nearest coffee shop to read his map. He'd looked at it a dozen times in the plane, but he was convinced that he could find Koge by looking at it a dozen more times. It was hopeless, really, but he was determined to figure out how to find him again. He just wanted to see him one more time
Nov 17 2016, 12:56 PM
God, that was great. It always was if he wanted to sleep right after. It was even better if his partner fell asleep right next to him. It implied a mutual satisfaction.

He'd fallen asleep quickky, so it didn't take very long for him to enter dream land. Most of the time, his dreams were just kind of weird and usually pretty vivid. Sometimes, his dreams were so good, he didn't want to wake from them. But this time...this time his dream was a nightmare. It was the same nightmare he'd been having since he was in that stupid orphanage. He couldnt make it go away and it was so vivid it was like he was experiencing it every time. Sometimes there were different things he was, but it was always the same. A car crash. A very violent one. There was screaming, and sirens, and people....dead. And sometimes, he was dead, and he could see himself lying there on the ground surrounded by broken glass and pools of blood. He hated that dream. He hated seeing it. It made him want to cry. Especially when he saw that woman. Her eyes were open and they were staring right at him. They were light brown, almost like his, and they were lifeless. It was terrifying. And it was almost the only dream that ever woke him from a deep sleep.

He woke with a start, panting and sweating just a little. He sat up in the bed, almost forgetting that someone was beside him all night. He wanted...to cry. He put his head in his hands as he tried to catch his breath. It wasn't real. He always had to tell himself this because it felt like it was, but it was just a stupid dream that he'd have over and over. It made him afraid to go back to sleep. "Dammit," he said to himself.
Nov 16 2016, 01:53 AM
Today was an amazing day. The sun was out and there were scant spots with puffy white sounds in the sky making shapes. There was a breeze and the weather was comfortable. It was days like that Carlisle found himself outside enjoying such things. Usually, he was at the park, but this time, he was in the gardens by the greenhouse. There was a hammock back there that he and his...boyfriend...decided to take advantage of it.

Ten two of them swung gently back and forth beneath the shade of a tree, laying side by side. With one arm around Koge while the other hand was playing with the boy's fingers over his chest. They weren't talking the entire time. There were brief moments of silence when Carlisle gazed up at the clouds between random questions or conversation topics. He'd honestly never been more comfortable or content. I looked over at the boy beside him, wondering what to ask him next.

"If you would have anything in the world, what would it be?" He asked, breaking the silence again.
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