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Calumn Caiside

Second Year

My Content
Jul 10 2017, 12:36 AM
<link href='https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Open+Sans:400,300' rel='stylesheet' type='text/css'>
<style type="text/css">.fjf-tempcont{height:400px;width:400px;background-image:url(https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/d1/c9/39/d1c939d62882f6f93b3729e6ba2eefb6.jpg);margin:0 auto;position:relative}.fjf-quote,.fjf-textbox{position:absolute;font-family:'Open Sans',sans-serif}.fjf-center{display:table-cell;text-align:center;vertical-align:middle}.fjf-quote{height:40px;width:400px;margin:35px 0 0 43px;color:#8e3131;font-size:24px;font-weight:100;line-height:66%;text-align:center;display:table}.fjf-textbox{height:302px;width:333px;background:{background-color:transparent};margin:74px 0 0 43px;border:7px solid #8e3131;text-align:justify;padding:5px;font-size:12px;overflow:auto}.fjf-textbox::-webkit-scrollbar{width:5px;height:5px}.fjf-note,:-webkit-scrollbar-track{background-color:transparent}.fjf-textbox::-webkit-scrollbar-thumb{background-color:#ffffff}.fjf-tag{width:125px;margin:542px 0 0 43px}.fjf-note{width:237px;margin:542px 0 0 170px;text-align:right}.fjf-credit{height:10px;width:30px;margin:585px 0 0 415px;position:absolute;color:#ffffff;font-size:8px;font-weight:100;text-align:right;font-family:'Open Sans',sans-serif}</style>

<div class="fjf-tempcont">
<div class="fjf-quote"><div class="fjf-center">Calumn Caiside</div></div>
<div class="fjf-textbox">

<p style="color:#424242";>
Calumn stands outside his dorm room and stares at the 208 on the door. His bangs had come undone and they were hanging down on eye level. That was not the only thing that had come undone. Looking down, he sees his zipper is down and he quickly zips it. Face blushes, wondering how long it had been like that. Shrugging, he busies his fingers, rummaging through his pockets and found some red bobby pins. Putting the pins in his mouth, he fixes his bangs to the side. It takes some time to get it the way he likes it.
<p style="color:#424242";>
Reaching into his red duffle bag, Calumn pulls out the key. Knocking on the door was the easy part. The doorknob key is sticking. Jiggling it makes the affect he needs and the door opens.
<p style="color:#8e3131";>
Hello new home for the next five plus years. Hmh...
<p style="color:#8e3131";>
"Anyone here?"
<p style="color:#424242";>
He leans over to one side and balances while playing around with his footing. A shine of platinum blonde caught his eye and he turns, finding himself face to face with his own reflection. His brown eyes scan his own appearance. Nice, clean white shirt with red polka-dot suspenders and a nice shade of brown khaki capris. White sneakers with red shoe laces graced his small feet, which had leaned on its toes.

<div class="fjf-credit"><a href="http://rpg-directory.com/user-15348.html" title="Thisbe of the RPG-Directory">Φ Φ Φ</a></div>
Feb 5 2017, 01:47 AM
<center><div class='pf1'><div class='pf2'><div class='pf3'>

<img src='https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/d1/c9/39/d1c939d62882f6f93b3729e6ba2eefb6.jpg'>

</div><div class='t1s'><div class='t1'><input type='radio' id='pt1' name='tg-1' checked><label for='pt1'>I</label>
<div class='tcontent'><div class='pf4'>

<h1>Calumn Caiside</h1>

<h2>Second Year</h2>

</div><div class='pf4'>







5'3'' / 118 lbs

<h3>FACE CLAIM</h3>

Tokyo Goul, Suzuya Juuzou


<div class='pf4'>
<h3>PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION</h3><div class='pf5'>

Calumn has amber colored eyes. His fair skinned complexion gives him a soft, inviting appearances, but occasionally looks sickly. Wavy, platinum blonde locks lay shoulder length. Side bangs are pinned with red bobbies. Free from blemishes, his skin is smooth. An oval face, round chin, and long eyelashes compliment his other features. Slender and frail is his build. A few scars mar his body, but none in places that can be seen while clothed. Somewhere along the line in his family he got the short end of the genes and has to deal with people looking down on him most the time (literally).
Outside from the school uniform he prefers wearing suspenders with pants or shorts and a white, long sleeved shirt. He sometimes wears his hair in a pulled up fashion and occasionally sports non prescription glasses out of fun.

<div class='t1'><input type='radio' id='pt2' name='tg-1'><label for='pt2'>II</label>
<div class='tcontent'><div class='pf4'>
<h3>POSITIVE</h3><div class='pf5' id='d1'>

• Curious •
• Brotherly •
• Reliable •
• Clean • <br>
• Flexible •
• Venturous •
• Scholarly •
</div><h3>NEGATIVE</h3><div class='pf5' id='d1'>
• Distrustful •
• Depressed •
• Short-tempered •
• Stubborn •
• Unhealthy •
• Needy •
• Crier •
<div class='pf4'><div class='pf5' id='d3'>

• Sleeping together • he’s comforted when there is another person to share the bed with. It doesn’t happen very often and is platonic.<br>
Baths • His parents thought he would out grow it, but soaking in a bathtub is still one of his favorite things to do. He usually has some floating tea candles stashed away and a variety of natural oils to scent the water. it helps him reflect and relax.<br>
• The color red • has been his favorite color ever since he was a kid, thus the red bobby pins became a loved accessory. It never gets old.<br>
• Birdwatching • has fascination with aves of all types. his favorite is the hawk.<br>


• Tall People • anybody six feet and above gives him a helpless feeling.<br>
Smoking • can't stand the smell or what it does to the lungs<br>
• Lying • he’s not very skilled in deceit therefore telling a lie is an uncomfortable task. he also doesn’t agree with people who resort to lying freely.<br>
• Excess exercise • jumping and running causes him to become pale and out of breath quickly<br>


• Physical • Calumn has a touching habit towards friends. He can't seem to get his hands off whether it's an arm around somebodies shoulder, a headlock, a playful push, pulling somebodies clothes, messing with somebodies hair, hugging, grabbing, leaning, and leading somebody around.<br>
• Sleep talking • Yapping in his sleep happens a couple times a week or when instigated by another person while he rests. Calumn considers it an embarrassing habit that he can’t control.<br>
• Singing in the bathtub • His singing voice is cute and surprisingly impressive.<br>
• Photography • has an eye for pictures and carries around a camera. he doesn't use a computer, but instead gets the photo’s developed; saves them in categorized photo binders.<br>


• Exposed • talking up a storm while he’s asleep about things he wouldn’t normally talk about <br>
• Fainting • passing out in front of people is embarrassing and scary.
• Force • he wouldn’t be able to do much if someone held him down or partook in a fight due to his weakness, but he’s built up a tolerance when it comes to taking a beating.

</div></div><div id="d2">

<img src='https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/cb/8d/85/cb8d85ffe085d656ea279d10855788a7.jpg'>

<img src='https://38.media.tumblr.com/e8b34510e60c5b59e5824d40520248ee/tumblr_njb9c5vuuy1rt9emuo3_250.gif'>

<img src='http://data.whicdn.com/images/170976572/large.jpg'>

</div></div></div><div class='t1'><input type='radio' id='pt3' name='tg-1'><label for='pt3'>III</label>
<div class='tcontent'><div class='pf4' id='d3'>

Michelle Caiside (mother, 35, waitress)
Gabriel / Gabe Caiside (Uncle, 40, amusement park attendant)
Breccan Caiside (father, 40, police officer)

Morgan Caiside (half-brother, 14)
Calumn was an unplanned pregnancy. His father, Breccan, did what he thought was responsible and followed through with marrying Michelle. The couple was happily married until Breccan came home and found his wife and his identical twin brother, Gabriel, in bed together. From there on things were chaotic after Michelle found out she was pregnant with Gabriel's son, Morgan. Calumn was excited to have a younger brother and he clung to his mother while she was pregnant.
The two fathers were understandably fighting on a constant basis. Breccan had no intentions in breaking up his marriage despite what happened. Violence exploded between Gabriel and Breccan for the first time in their lives. Nothing would stop Gabriel from seeing his son, as a result Calumn grew up fast and become his brother's protector. Every once in a while Gabriel would attempt to take Morgan out of state, but where Morgan went so did Calumn. Whenever Gabriel attempted Calumn's protectiveness towards his brother prevented the situation to escalate.
By the age of ten Calumn’s health began to decline. He experienced fatigue, dizziness, and more often pale or flushed when pushed to limitation. His family did not understand thus he resorted to depression and being short tempered. This damaged his self-image. Because finances were tight, Calumn never really got diagnosed, but has always been weak since he was born. He also suffers from insomnia and takes herbal medicine to knock himself out at night when he cannot take on sleep deprivation. Morgan has no such symptoms and supported his big brother any way he could.
While growing up, things like hitting was a normal occurrence around the household regarding discipline. His mother was not abused, but Breccan had taken out frustration on Morgan and Calumn every once in a while.
When it came to the sexual attraction conversation Calumn felt so out of place and couldn’t express to his father how he didn't feel anything towards a person. He didn’t really understand it. While his classmates were trying to get attention and score, Calumn was just being himself and not really showing interest in looking up skirts, dating, or making out. The urge to touch somebody in an arousing manor never crossed his mind; unlike being friendly, playing around, comforting or someone emotionally in a non-sexual way. He’s a decent friend and has a refreshing view on relationships.
As Calumn became older his attitude was not improving so his mother decided it would be better to send him away for a while. She felt it would take away some tension between herself and her husband. Breccan also seemed to think Calumn needed to surround himself with other boys his age, a larger number, encouraging Calumn to be more boyish.
Because Calumn was limited with sports, he became academically focused and when the time came to be sent away he landed a scholarship within Dotai Acadamy.
</div></div></div><div class='t1'><input type='radio' id='pt4' name='tg-1'><label for='pt4'>IV</label>
<div class='tcontent'><div class='pf4'>



</div><div class='pf4' id='d1'>


Looking forward to role-playing with you all. I am an aquarium hobbyist and feline enthusiast.

</div><div class='d4'>

<img src='https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/originals/a0/31/88/a03188252505fdc863959b69d3f27ad8.gif'>

</div></div></div><div class='pf1Creds'>template &copy cerasri</div></center>
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.pf5{text-align: justify; padding: 5px; overflow: auto; height: 130px;}
.pf5#d1{height: 80px;}
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