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Apr 4 2017, 05:19 PM
Hello, many may or may not know me, but recently i have not been able to write for the life of me so I am going to take my leave for a bit and come back fresh and new with muse to share. Maybe a month or two or more. It has already been about three weeks or so since i was supposed to be writing (sorry berry) but during this leave I will make sure when I come back to have those threads ready to post and get back on my feet I may come on to update Caiside's plotter page, but that's about it. Life is distracting at the moment. Thank you for understanding. I will continue all plots/threads when I return.
Mar 26 2017, 01:55 AM
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<div class="fjf-tempcont">
<div class="fjf-quote"><div class="fjf-center">Caiside Plots</div></div>
<div class="fjf-textbox">
Who is Caiside? Calumn Caiside.
*Calumn has a younger brother who is two years apart. I think it would be really neat to have Morgan join Dotai sometime in the future when Calumn is settled. Someone else than myself taking up Morgan's role would be my preference.
*I could see Calumn needing a mentor who can help him control his emotions or console him when he's down (has a depression). A person he could go to to vent or be comforted without worrying about judgments or intimate relationship. A person he could cry in front of without feeling ashamed. Because he's a crier. Probably someone who is much older than himself. He finds it challenging to be dependent on other people besides family.
*Dating. Would like him to explore this. Everything out in the open not seen as casual time without stating it's a date. Because he's very thick and cannot differentiate between friendship and someone acquiring something more.
*An admirer for Calumn. A person who wants to have more than a friendship who either makes it very obvious with actions and words or is shy about it but makes feelings known. Let me extend that this role is not a stalker and has to be predominately sound minded.
*Enemies. A person out to make his life worse. Can involve any methodical plan besides killing (without my consent). Examples: beating up, slandering, backstabbing, harassing in any form, embarrassing, intimidating, pranking, spreading rumors, stealing his things, turning friends against him, make him a lackey, force him into a gang, or anything else you can think of.
<center>Character Overview</center>
The refreshing new Dotai student has come to get his education. Calumn is open for friendship, looking for a couple of buddies to spend his high school days with. He has a lot of love to give and isn't afraid to show it in his own Calumn-like way. His love, in definition, is passion for living life and appreciating people. He's fun go-getter who enjoys partaking in new experiences and embracing his independent lifestyle.
As far as romance and relationships are concerned, he's a romantic. Despite this, he hasn't had any sexual desire with people who have come into his life so far. He just likes being close and sees people as they are.
On anther point of interest, Calumn does make enemies. His quick-tempered reactions have thrown him into a numerous brawls in which he's lost. Loosing does not stop him. note: His rashness is not irrational.
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