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Kita Sekai

Jiyu Student

My Content
Dec 8 2016, 12:09 PM
It was rare to see Kita out of his dorm room unless he was going to town. But today Kita was in the gym playing on his computer. Lieko had asked how his brother was doing which Kita couldn't answer since he'd be neglecting his job of watch Alex. He'd gotten in trouble of course so he was watching Lieko younger brother. He sighs looking at the ceiling. "This is so boring and annoying.. I could be playing my new game right now.." He let's out a loud yawn and blinks when he looks down at the court to check on his target.

He was gone, crap lost him. Kita let's out a groan and gets up. "Man when did he leave?" He takes out his headphones and puts his things away before heading down the stairs. When he gets to the door he goes to open it. It wouldn't open. Did he get locked in or something. He sighs and kicks the door trying to get it open but it didn't work. He gives up and sits down. "Man what a pain! I'd rather die right now then have to stay stuck in here.." He lays back closing his eyes. "Guess I'll have to wait for someone to open the door.." He yawns again and pulls the hood on his jacket over his eyes. Might as well take a nap right?
Nov 12 2016, 10:54 PM
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<img src='http://i.imgur.com/A4OZxqm.jpg?2'>

</div><div class='t1s'><div class='t1'><input type='radio' id='pt1' name='tg-1' checked><label for='pt1'>I</label>
<div class='tcontent'><div class='pf4'>

<h1>Kita Sekai</h1>

<h2>Jiyu Student</h2>

</div><div class='pf4'>



Demons Gang: Schriftwart




5 foot 8 in; 120 lb

<h3>FACE CLAIM</h3>

Servamp, Kuro


<div class='pf4'>
<h3>PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION</h3><div class='pf5'>

Kita has shoulder-length, blue hair with his front bangs reaching his eyes. His hair is normally messy looking mostly since all he does is run his hands through it or doesn't touch it at all. His eye color is red and he has big, dark bags under them. His eyes are normally only open half closed making him always look tired. And he seems to have an expression that make him look like his bored. He's thin with a little bit of muscle. Some people would say he looks a little sickly since his skin is pale, the bags under his eyes, and the way he walks(it's slow unless he's running away). He has a slouch which makes him look shorter than he is. He has the demon gang symbol on his cellphone case and laptop.
Kita mostly wears a blue jacket which is a tad darker than his hair color with the hood pulled over his head, the black fur almost looks like cat ears. He has a patch on his left shoulder of his jacket with the Roman numeral 1. The jacket has chest pockets and the back of his jacket splits into four parts. The bottom of the jacket looks worn and torn that darkens in color. It starts short at the front but grows in length as they reach down. He wears a bell around his neck but it sometimes get covered under his shirt. His blue jacket is often buttoned open, either a simple black or white shirt hiding under it. His white pants are skin-tight and held up with a red belt, which is rarely seen. Kita wears long, black boots that almost reach his knees.
When he dresses up his puts on a loose white collar shirt leaving the buttons at the top unbuttoned. He wears a simple black tie that is hung loose around his neck. He changes his jacket to a blue jacket with a white trim and black jeans. He also enjoys wearing a lighter black jacket that has a white trim with the hood having the points to look like cat ears. He'll wear a red shirt with 96 on it and dark blue tight jeans.

<div class='t1'><input type='radio' id='pt2' name='tg-1'><label for='pt2'>II</label>
<div class='tcontent'><div class='pf4'>
<h3>POSITIVE</h3><div class='pf5' id='d1'>

• Calm -- he really doesn't freak out about things takes to much energy but being calm doesn't
• Observant -- He may not look like it but he's really good at noticing things
• Smart -- He lives in the world of technology and is a record keeper in his gang
• Patient -- why be in a hurry it's not like anything is going somewhere.
• Creative -- he's got a good imagination. He's a hacker who loves making original viruses and take things apart putting them back together.

</div><h3>NEGATIVE</h3><div class='pf5' id='d1'>

• Lazy -- If he doesn't have to do anything he's all for it, he'd rather not have to do any activity
• Anti-Social -- he really isn't social, if he needs to talk to you alright for a little bit. But he normally just sticks to the people he already knows
• Pessimistic -- Ex: you say it's so nice out lets go to the park. his response could be 'that sounds like fun.. you know getting sunburns and have to listen to screaming kids in the park.. but it'll probably rain ruining the fun since life sucks.. let's stay inside..')
• Blunt -- sometimes he doesn't think through what he says but he's not trying to be rude just honest
• Messy -- He just throws things around his room and only cleans when he no longer has a path to move around the place
<div class='pf4'><div class='pf5' id='d3'>

• Video Games -- He wants his screen name know everywhere. he's almost there(hey he's got a goal)<br>

• Anything Anime/manga related -- He's what you could call an otaku. But nothing wrong with that.<br>

• Technology -- Cellphones, computers, anything that has something to do with technology<br>

• Food -- Who doesn't like food? He's always hungry and you need food to not be hungry<br>

• Dark areas -- Dark rooms, night time, anything with low lights even. He just likes the dark<br>

• Hacking -- he's good at it enough said


• Bright Lights -- Living in mostly darkness bright lights kinda hurt him. It takes him a little bit to adjust to the outside or bright lit rooms. It's very annoying for him<br>

• Crowded Places -- Since he's pretty anti-social being in crowded places with people he doesn't know for long periods of time gets to him.<br>

• His technology breaking -- If his cellphone, or computer, or game stations, or tv, Etc. makes him freak out<br>

• A lot of activity -- He's lazy, he would love to not have to do anything but play video games, type on his computer, and read and watch anime. But he can't do that since life sucks. So he's very reluctant to doing a lot of activity.<br>

• Flowers -- He's got allergies he doesn't care for them

• Peanut Butter -- He doesn't care for it. gets stuck to the roof of his mouth it's annoying


• Always has food on him<br>

• Saying "What a pain" or "I'd rather die" when he has or is made to do something<br>


• Technopenuriaphobia -- Fear of losing technology<br>

</div></div><div id="d2">

<img src='http://i.imgur.com/Gi2SmwSm.jpg?2'>

<img src='http://i.imgur.com/TBSEewB.jpg?1'>

<img src='http://i.imgur.com/2eh7KfXb.png?1'>

</div></div></div><div class='t1'><input type='radio' id='pt3' name='tg-1'><label for='pt3'>III</label>
<div class='tcontent'><div class='pf4' id='d3'>

Mother -- June Sekai; Father -- Yuko Sekai

Seven brothers

Kita comes from a very high middle class family and his parents normally got him everything he wanted and/or needed as a kid. He was one of the older siblings out of his seven brothers. His parents didn't seem to any luck with getting a girl. However, their looking into adopting a girl. Even though he had so many siblings once all the younger brothers started middle school they split up. They separated into their own crowds leaving Kita kinda alone. He was use to hanging out with his siblings so he was a little awkward when he slowly started losing his brothers one at a time. They didn't pay attention to each other during school hours. Which would end up being troublesome for the slight black sheep of the family.
Unlike at school Kita was very outgoing and fun at home, or at least when he was younger. But after the first few months of middle school, that's when his other brothers disappeared. He was starting to become less social after that but would still hang out with a very small group of friends. However, he started to get teased by the other kids so he tried to stick to what little friends he had left. But as he got older he started to feel bored with everything and he pretty much stopped hanging out with his friends and going to places. His grades were slowly starting to slip and he became more of a lone wolf which didn't help him in the bully zone. He seemed to become more of a target than before. He was actually thinking of quitting school. That was before he met Lieko and his friends. He'd watched them through most of his first year. But one day when he was being teased by some of the other students. They'd taken his laptop and was pushing him around. Lieko came up and grabbed his laptop from the boys giving it back to him before he and his friends beat up the bullies.
Kita immediately attached himself to Lieko and his gang. He liked how they accepted him, he didn't feel out of place. He joined the Demons a few weeks after really getting to know everyone who was already in the gang. His outlook on things started to change a little. He started messing with his computer more(using it for more than just games) and focusing on his school work once again. He wasn't going to be left behind any longer than what he had to since most of the other gang members were a year ahead. He started to notice he was pretty good with coding and what not which surprised him actually. He started to get more involved with all technology putting it together, taking them apart, etc. After a lot of practice he became a great hacker with amazing skills. Then when Lieko moved to Unmei City he decided to go with the other members and follow Lieko. He had to transfer schools so he could finish his last year of school in Unmei City. He picked Jiyu since Liekos younger brother was going there. He even went into the exchange program with Alex to go to Dotai.

</div></div></div><div class='t1'><input type='radio' id='pt4' name='tg-1'><label for='pt4'>IV</label>
<div class='tcontent'><div class='pf4'>


<h2>21, Pacific Time, 15 CHARACTERS</h2>

</div><div class='pf4' id='d1'>


More characters!

</div><div class='d4'>

<img src='http://i.imgur.com/YQwPjodb.jpg?1'>

</div></div></div><div class='pf1Creds'>template &copy cerasri</div></center>
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