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Takamasa Keichiro

Fourth Year

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Jul 15 2016, 07:25 PM
Usually, Takamasa was very good at entertaining himself. He had homework, his writing, working out and all that, but sometimes, he was just a little restless and wanted to do something fun. Sometimes, he had a hard time finding someone to do something fun with, but he'd met a certain someone that was just the type to hang around with him when he was feeling a bit mischievous.

The bright screen shone in his face as he texted on the way down the stairs. "Wanna hang out tonight?" he texted. He wasn't exactly sure what they'd do, but if he knew nothing else, he knew Sajan was interesting and that they could come up with something. There were loads of places both on and off campus that were accessible to them, and since it was after curfew, they weren't likely to run into others, so they could do whatever they wanted.
Mar 31 2016, 05:34 AM
When Indigo Left
(plot with Takamasa)

Fiddling with his stupid broken camera once more, he entered his dorm room, not looking up until a moment later. Green eyes surveyed the place, only to find a few boxes in the living room, alongside a familiar duffle bag. He frowned to himself as he wondered why they were there, cautiously heading around the corner to his roommate's room. There he found Indigo in an empty room that had been all packed up. Was he....leaving? He gently rapped on the door jam to get his attention, smiling over at the other as though he hadn't just been wearing a frown at all.
"What's...what's going on here? Are you....leaving?" he asked, trying not to show on his face that he hoped the answer was 'No.'

The Spaniard, who had been distracted with texting, turned to see his little roommate at the door. He tried to put on a smile, but he couldn't even fake one. He was a bit...displeased with the situation, and try as he might, he couldn't fix it. His parents had found out about some of the things he'd been doing while in attendance and wanted him to come home. They put a stop on the tuition and though his job was enjoyable, it wasn't enough to get him tuition enough to stay until graduation.

"Si. I'm sorry I didn't tell you, Precioso, but I'll be going back home to Spain. My plane leaves soon."

Takamasa's face dropped at the answer, his eyes wide with disappointment. Leaving? Tonight? Why...didn't he tell him?
"You're going back home? Do you think...you'll be back soon?" he asked. He was sure he already knew the answer.

That expression on the shorter male's face didn't get passed Indigo. If he didn't know any better, he'd say that Takamasa would miss him. Truthfully, he'd miss his roommate too.
"I don't think so, Precioso," he mentioned, moving to stand in front of the man. "Will you miss me if I go?" he asked, a small playful smile on his lips.

TK, catching the little smile, nodded and responded, "It won't be as fun without you around," with a little smirk of him own. "Did I turn out to be a good roommate after all?" The taller man chuckled at his statement and his question. They did have fun, didn't they. TK was, indeed, a good roommate. He leaned his face close to the other's, his index and forefinger grabbing (lightly) the smaller male's chin. "You were a very good roommate, Precioso," he smirked. It was sort of sad to think this was the last time he'd be able to tease his cute little roommate.

He was close enough. Indigo was close enough for TK to just...lean in and......

It hardly took a second for TK to close the gap between them, their lips pressing together. It wasn't something TK did if it were anyone else he had a crush on trying to kiss him, but with Indigo, he was just so...attractive! He practically fell into it every time. Perhaps that was one of the things they would miss about each other.
Mar 31 2016, 12:15 AM
Normally, Takamasa had the cure for his own boredom. He was hardly ever really that bored. He'd hang out with his brother, or his gang mates, or write stories maybe, or chat with people online, or finish up his homework....but now and then, there were days when he was just a little....bored out of his mind. Yusuke was 'running errands' and left campus, his gang mates were out getting themselves into trouble somewhere, and his homework was completed before he even left class this time. So....he had nothing he really wanted to be doing at the moment.

Sometimes when that happened, he'd just be out in the courtyard watching people, or maybe in the gym working out. This time, it was the courtyard. He thought, for some crazy reason, that he'd find one of his friends sitting out there completely unaware of the fact that he needed entertaining. He thought maybe he'd find them, and they'd both be entertained, and it'd be a nice ending to an otherwise boring day. So far, no such luck. Emerald eyes scanned the grounds for something interesting, but found very little. There were some first years climbing trees and would likely hurt themselves. He had no interest in that. There were people sleeping in the garden again, sometimes it was fun to mess with them, sometimes the bug were enough to mess with anyone. There was a guy sitting at the fountain, and that didn't seem remotely interesting either, but passed the fountain, it'd just be a circle back t the dorms.

Coming up to the fountain, he sat a short ways away from the boy that was there and bean pretending to rifle through his backpack for something. Maybe he really was looking for something in there. Likely not. After a short moment, he signed and looked over at the guy, wondering how friendly he was. One couldn't always tell by just looking, but he seemed to be decent judge of character, so why not talk to him?
"Nice day outside, don't you think?" he said with a smile, wondering if the boy would respond or not.
Jan 5 2016, 07:28 PM

Those that really knew TK knew that he was a snoop. He didn't normally get into the business of someone unless asked, of course, but this case wasn't exactly normal. You see, TK had lost something and was determined to find it. Well, the story was more that he accidentally left it behind to be picked up by none other than Kaito Renkoutsu. Normally, his flash drives only contained homework things. The private ones remained in one of two places at all times (with his brother or in his computer) so there wasn't really anything on there that could incriminate the gang, but those were his own personal files. Normally, he did all his writing in a notebook which he kept on his person and was too big to fall out of the holes his pockets tended to have, but a friend convinced him that it was better to write his journals and his fiction stories on the computer instead. Today had proved not to be a normal day.

At the risk of having a run in with his favorite person, Same Kinjo (note the sarcasm), he'd even broken into Kaitos dorm and searched for the device. He was sure he had it because Kaito was the last one he saw, in the music room, before realizing it was gone. It must have fallen out of his pocket then and since he searched the music room high and low shortly thereafter, his device being in Kaito's possession was the only other explanation.

It wasn't long before he found himself doing the one thing hadn't done since his second first year at Dotai. He went to old Dotai. He knew full well that this was the headquarters for another gang, and that his brother probably didn't want him anywhere near the place, and that regardless of who found him he'd likely be beaten to a bloody pulp, but he wasn't scared. He'd had his fair share of fights, he could take it. Besides, anyone who messed with him would have to deal with his brother later, even if it was Kaito. But his stories were important to him, and he didn't want anyone else reading them. Especially not an arrogant bastard like Kaito. So, he'd do what he thought he had to do. The only question was whether or not to ask nicely, or to try and take it before the other even noticed it was missing (and perhaps before he even got a chance to look at it).

And so this was the reason Takamasa found himself lurking around the headquarers of antoher gang, that simple. Usually the front area was pretty empty, unless there were some punks looking to smash things around for a bit, so you never knew what you'd find. So, TK was a bit surprised to see another person lurking the premises as well. He looked sort of innocent. Well he looked...not like most things you'd expect from Zeit. But TK learned to never judge a book by it's cover.
Oct 12 2015, 03:17 PM
It didn't happen often, but there were times in his day where TK was just a little bored. Normally he was an expert at keeping himself busy. There was always some task to be completed or someone to spy on or some homework to be done or some story to be written, always something. In the few times when all those things were done, though, that's when he'd bug his brother. He used to hang out with his brother a lot, but these days, he'd been kept busy. Yusuke never really seemed to mind his company, so it wasn't a big deal anyway. They were brothers after all, so a little quality time wasn't out of the question.

Walking himself up to his brother's room, green eyes stuck to his phone screen as he quickly texted out some words to some friends interested in what he was doing with his day. He didn't know yet. Knocking lightly on the door, he called for his brother.
"Hey, open up, Yu-kun, it's me!" he said, never announcing his name as he was sure his voice was unmistakable to his older brother. Of course he'd become fairly excellent at lock picking since starting at Dotai and didn't realy need to knock, but it was only polite, right? Last thing he wanted to was to walk in on something he shouldn't have.
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