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Ashley Quagmire

Jiyu Student

My Content
Oct 17 2016, 10:38 PM
‘awww you precious little bitch don’t you have a dick to suck or something’

‘no you’re right, the red lights wouldn’t take you but maybe if you begged one of the hobos at the station he’d take pity on you’

‘lol you’d be a lot cuter if you weren’t a worthless fucking whore tho’

Ashley Quagmire sat quivering in the corner of the stairwell. She’d been pacing back and forth for a while, looking increasingly agitated as the conversation went on, but now she was just huddled over her laptop in silence. If you’d seen her, her tiny little frown framed by her perfect pink curls, the way her fingers hesitated over the keyboard as she scanned the screen, the vile words that waited there in front of her… you might well have wanted to go over and comfort her, give her a gentle pat on the head, tell her everything was going to be okay. But it wasn’t okay.

How could it be okay when this stupid bitch wouldn’t take the bait?

Ashley Quagmire – duckie, shitty little hacker with a small fortune in bitcoins, sat quivering in the corner of the stairwell, shaking with sheer fury that his target had managed to keep her cool. His cool? Fuck if he knew. Either way, nothing they said implied they were even the little bit bothered by him being a misogynistic piece of shit. God, it was just impossible to get the upper hand with this fucker.

He pulled impatiently at his keyboard, creating a small pile of white and pink keys by his side, and typed and backspaced potential retorts with his other hand.
May 21 2016, 11:39 AM
<center><div class='pf1'><div class='pf2'><div class='pf3'>

<img src='https://gyazo.com/0ee7a499771d6fc40c9f724f146831a7.png'>

</div><div class='t1s'><div class='t1'><input type='radio' id='pt1' name='tg-1' checked><label for='pt1'>I</label>
<div class='tcontent'><div class='pf4'>

<h1>Ashley Quagmire</h1>


</div><div class='pf4'>
cyber: founder

pansexual, but leans towards men


5’1.8”/110 lbs

<h3>FACE CLAIM</h3>



<div class='pf4'>
<h3>PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION</h3><div class='pf5'>

Ashley is pretty damn cute. That’s the long and short of it – with their big eyes, petite figure, and propensity for baggy pink sweaters, Ashley is the sort of person one can’t help but look at and go “awww.” (That is, so long as they keep their mouth shut, and so long as you don’t notice the look of bored impatience that’s usually on their face.)<p>

There’s something rather neat about him as a whole (so long as you don’t catch him in an odd mood). He keeps his hair tidy, his uniform straight, and his nails short and even. Any dirt on his clothes is swiftly dealt with. Despite that, their way of carrying themself isn’t that of a proper gentleman’s. Her sense of etiquette extends only as far as it’s required to keep her neat and relatively clean. She might not ever wipe their mouth on her sleeve, but she’s not going to bother sitting with perfect posture.

<div class='t1'><input type='radio' id='pt2' name='tg-1'><label for='pt2'>II</label>
<div class='tcontent'><div class='pf4'>
<h3>POSITIVE</h3><div class='pf5' id='d1'>

• QUICK-WITTED – Ashley isn’t just smart, she’s fast. This makes itself obvious in several ways, but it’s most obvious in her ability to cut other people down. If you insult her, expect a sharp reply before you’ve even finished speaking.
• INDEPENDENT – Ashley never has to wait for someone to tell her what to do. She goes where she wants to go, says what she wants to say, and does what she wants to do. She’s the sort of student that will go right up to her professors and ask ahead of time if she can do a group project alone.
• METICULOUS – Ashley’s got a real eye for detail, and she puts it to use. No flaw escapes her view – to be honest, she’s a bit of a perfectionist, though with her impatience she usually manages to keep this from slowing her down.
• EFFICIENT – Ashley gets things done. If something isn’t working for her, she’ll try something else. Despite this, she only compromises on quality when she thinks she has to… or when she’s working on something she just doesn’t care about.
• FEARLESS – Ashley is always willing to push boundaries, regardless of the potential consequences. Even if one disapproves of which boundaries she’s pushing exactly, it’s hard not to admire her audacity when she wears a skirt at an all-boys school or hacks into school computers while sitting in class.

</div><h3>NEGATIVE</h3><div class='pf5' id='d1'>

• BLUNT – ashley’s words can be extremely harsh. while she is theoretically capable of softening a verbal blow, she usually prefers to insult and belittle people, and even among those few people she’s close to she’s rather tactless.
• IMPATIENT – Ashley likes when things get done… and if they don’t, expect a whole lot of grumbling. She might even do the work herself if you won't.
• SELF-CENTERED -- part of saying and doing whatever you want is offending other people and getting in their way. As a general rule, Ashley is perfectly okay with this. She isn't about to push anyone in front of a train, but if she was stuck in front of one with someone else she would probably save herself first.
• EMOTIONAL -- Ashley doesn't really know what to do with these... feeling things. They're always coming at the wrong moments and making it hard for her to work properly, and it's hard to get them not to show on her face. More than once she's said too much or done something unnecessary in a stressful moment.
• NAÏVE – ashley may be incredibly book-smart, but her knowledge of the world is… a bit lacking, to say the least. she doesn’t really think she can get hurt, and she doesn’t consider the way her actions might seriously affect other people.
<div class='pf4'><div class='pf5' id='d3'>

• MONEY -- it's what makes the world go 'round.<br>

• ORDER -- if everything in the world was neat and organized, life would be a whole lot easier.<br>

• OFFENDED PEOPLE -- it's absolutely hilarious to watch people get riled up over nothing.<br>

• TEAMWORK – other people just slow her down. <br>
• DIRTINESS – sweat, dust, exercise, the outdoors… it’s all kind of gross. <br>
• PHYSICAL CONTACT – give her some fucking space, alright?<br>


• PLAYING WITH KEYBOARD KEYS -- As someone who spends a lot of time with her laptop, Ashley has taken to playing with its most easily removable parts - the keys of the keyboard. Since she's a touch-typer, she usually puts in blank white and pink keys which she can then pattern as she likes, though she has whole boxes of other keys. When she's nervous, she'll sometimes pull them out unconsciously.<br>

• BEING VULGAR ONLINE -- Ashley is absolutely and unapologetically crude on the internet, probably due in no small part to the associated feeling of anonymity. While she has a particular fondness for dick jokes, she's willing to be crass about just about every other body part one could think about.<br>


• INTIMACY -- For an anonymous hacker, trust is dangerous. But that's only an excuse - even before she stepped onto the wrong side of the law, Ashley never really liked to open up to people. Divulging her secrets would just be asking to be taken advantage of. Besides, what if she actually began to like somebody? The idea of making herself vulnerable unsettles her so much she isn't even comfortable with the word "friend." <br>

</div></div><div id="d2">

<img src='https://i.gyazo.com/70fdc1d7270b3cfc85598605b3d6c8ca.png'>

<img src='https://i.gyazo.com/658eaef72590f0cbe958044d29f0523c.png'>

<img src='https://i.gyazo.com/afeec3c89485ab9b815d2f70302bffac.png'>

</div></div></div><div class='t1'><input type='radio' id='pt3' name='tg-1'><label for='pt3'>III</label>
<div class='tcontent'><div class='pf4' id='d3'>

Tarragon Quagmire/Anne Nancy


Ashley was born to a geologist and an astronomer. It was an odd name for a boy, but when his father had his nose in the dirt and his mother had her head in the clouds, it’s no wonder they didn’t consider the practical implications.<p>

He did get teased about it in school, but not so much that it was intolerable. Since he didn’t go to school with short cropped hair or a t-shirt with a car on it, sometimes he got outright mistaken for a girl. He dealt with these things by deciding that anyone who didn’t like how he looked was stupid, and he grew up rather distant from his peers.<p>

That was fine, though. He preferred the internet, anyways. There, nobody knew how he looked, and he amused himself by making himself into all sorts of different people. Here he might be a snarky older person with a taste for finance. Here he might be an aggressive teenager with so many dick jokes up his sleeve you could choke on them. <p>

He didn’t usually mention his gender on these sites, so people made assumptions. Sometimes they called him “fucking white boy.” Sometimes they called him “salty bitch.” He found he rather liked the variety. His parents, as busy and absent-minded (though quite loving) that they were, didn’t even notice as the person they thought of as “their son” awakened to their life as a genderfluid internet troll.<p>

That was all very well, because she could be quite the nasty one. Ashley had never really had friends and didn’t even really like people, so were only real goals in any given conversation were to show her superiority and/or get a rise out of someone. In fact, she probably would have made a fantastic professional CoD player, had she been so inclined.<p>

But fictional games held little interest for her. She much preferred to “play” in the real world. It started by her deciding to shut up a particularly annoying forum-goer by stealing their account information. When that proved egregiously easy, he branched outwards, going after larger and larger prey simply because he could.<p>

Oddly enough, his passion for making other people’s lives hell actually made him his first friends– a group of six people, including him, who thought hacking was just about the best way possible to spend one’s free time. At first they only sought to outdo one other, but eventually they realized (though they didn’t really admit it) that they could do better by working together.<p>

And thus Cyber was born. Though it started as a joke more than anything, it only took a few months before their little projects attracted enough attention that they started to get paid contracts, and the gang (because it really had become a gang) became notorious after they managed to get through a major bank’s security. (In Ashley’s humble opinion, she did most of the work.)<p>

Meanwhile, Ashley had entered high school. Though Dotai was technically an option (for the finances were there, and although Ashley sometimes identified as a girl, she was technically still male), she insisted on going to Jiyu. It was cheaper, after all, and it was a fine school nonetheless. Perhaps her prospects would be slightly higher if she went to Dotai, but to be frank, she already had a job, so that wasn’t going to be a problem (not that she said that to her parents. <p>

Of course, when the exchange program to Dotai rolled around, he couldn’t help but hack his way into it, even if he thought Dotai was a worthless and overpriced institution.<p>

After all, why turn down a challenge?

</div></div></div><div class='t1'><input type='radio' id='pt4' name='tg-1'><label for='pt4'>IV</label>
<div class='tcontent'><div class='pf4'>


<h2>19, GMT +5, 6 OTHER CHARACTERS</h2>

</div><div class='pf4' id='d1'>


Ashley is male, but nonbinary, meaning that she variously identifies as a man, a woman, or neither. She is predominately a girl, which makes her presence at dotai a bit… strange. <p>
Her voice is fairly androgynous and she doesn’t have facial hair, so it’s hard to tell her actual sex unless you’re looking down her pants.<p>
In Cyber, Ashley goes by the alias “duckie” (no caps preferred), but will also respond to “duckboy,” “duckgirl” or just “duck”.

</div><div class='d4'>

<img src='http://i.imgur.com/WsIIJlL.jpg'>

</div></div></div><div class='pf1Creds'>template &copy cerasri</div></center>
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