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 Is It Wrong To Try And Flirt With Your Boss?, lieko
Akira Serizawa
 Posted: Mar 27 2017, 01:43 AM


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Akira Serizawa
Third Year

Oh, today was a beautiful day today! The sun was shining, the birds were singing, and Akira had just finished a great show down at the radio station. Indeed, Akira had always enjoyed working at the radio station, making his voice be heard to everyone, all across Unmei City. It always brought him happiness, knowing how much influence he had, not only at school, but around the town as well. He especially enjoyed having an audience!

But, of course, the one thing about his job that he enjoyed most of all was his boss, Lieko. It wasn't really much of a secret, but Akira had always been somewhat attracted to his boss, and had been wanting to get with him for quite a while. However, despite his usual boldness and audacity, he could never really work up the courage to confess to him, for one reason or another. Well, no longer! He wasn't going to be a coward anymore! Today was going to be the day he would confess everything to him!

Akira walked down the street towards the train station, ready to head back to the Dotai dorms. He sighed as he looked around the street, remembering the events of the day prior. That reminded him. He was going to have a special guest tomorrow! He was going to have to prepare for that! Oh, he just couldn't contain his excitement! This was going to be so much fun!
Lieko Vonvertex
 Posted: Mar 27 2017, 10:33 AM


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Lieko Vonvertex
Unmei Citizen

Keeping hidden under the cover of night
Could be the devil in a clever disguise
Lieko yawns as he walks out of the radio station. He'd had a good nap of course he still felt tired thanks to him being bored. He starts to head toward the train station with the normal scowl on his face. He pulls out a cigarette and places it in his mouth. The people walking all moved out of the way the best they could not wanting to bump into him. They were afraid of him which worked out fine for him. He looks around scanning the area to see if he could find Kita. He was the first to arrive to Unmei city, at least he had one person of his gang back.

He was going to head toward the school so he could talk about his brother and how he was doing with Kita. It was great having an eye on his brother, he didn't hate Kita really so he'd probably be more open with him. He wasn't having much luck finding Kita but he did see someone he knew. It was the only show host he had working for him, Akira. He smirks and makes his way over to him might as well mess with him.

He walks up behind Akira and grabs his head giving it a squeeze. "Heading back to school Akira?" He lets him go from his grip and spins him around so he was facing him.

Temptation leads us, it's too late for goodbye
TAG: Akira
WORDS: enough
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NOTE: It's Leiko!

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