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 can you help the hopeless, open!
Luthais Couteau
 Posted: Mar 25 2017, 10:03 PM


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Luthais Couteau
Fourth Year

Luthais had dropped his bags off at his dorm room and promptly left again, key tucked securely within his pocket. He had intended on napping when he finally arrived - the plane ride had been exhausting. But when he finally stepped into his room he felt a stifling, almost overwhelming to leave. These small four walls weren’t so much an escape as they were a prison. A momentary place where he was forced to live, learn, and get everything out of his system. This place was just a small stepping stone before he was shackled once again to a life of lies.

So he walked. Farther and farther his steps took him and where exactly he was going he didn’t know. He was on school property still but beyond that he didn’t know. He didn’t even have the insight to bring the folded map he was given in the pretty little welcome folder he’d received from the school.

Fuck it, he didn’t care. Getting lost was the least of his concerns. An aggravated sigh escaped him as he nudged a pebble along with his foot. The chill outside didn’t bother him as he kept his hands tucked away in the pocket of his sweater. His clothes were far to casual than what he normally would have allowed himself to be seen in, but the plane ride had been hours. Almost 12, if he remembered correctly. Even if he had been flying first class at the time it was still far too long to be cooped up in such a small space.

Here he was. Half a day’s flight away from home and feeling just as trapped as before. Luthais wondered what else his father had stitched together - what other little schemes he had tucked away. It was a pain in the ass and he could nothing but play along. Shaking his head he gave the pebble a good kick that sent the small stone flying through the air. “Now where the fuck am I,” he snapped to himself as he finally took a quick look around.

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Darren Tendou
 Posted: Mar 26 2017, 09:44 PM


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Darren Tendou
Jiyu Student

Darren hums to the song he was listening to as he jog around the school. Even though there was a small chill in the air that didn't stop him from running around shirtless. He needed the fresh air to calm down a little and clear his head. He'd been wearing that uniform all day, he felt like he was going die near the end of the day. It probably could've been snowing and he'd still running around shirtless. He hated tight clothes and the uniform here was tight for him. He loved really baggy clothes, shirts and pants the looser the clothes are to his skin the better.

He normally tried to avoid the old dotai part of the school. But didn't always pay attention to where he was running. He stops for a break and pulls out his headphones. He leans down for a moment before looking around. His face turns a little pale when he realizes where he was. "Oh no.. Oh no.." Oh god why was this happening to him lately! He's ended up in the red light district and now old dotai! He groans and closes his eyes. Alright after a few more minutes get the heck away from here. This is one of those gang hideouts right? He didn't want to run into one of them.

He freezes up when he hears a voice and then felt a pebble hit his head. He quickly crouches down and tries to hide. Oh crap he's so dead. He blinks a few times and looks around. Wait did they just ask where they were? So it's not a gang member.. It must be another lost student! He stands up and rubs the red bump on his forehead where the pebble hit. He walks over toward the direction of the voice. He smiles when he sees Luthais. He must be a new student.

He moves a little closer to Luthais blushing softly as he waves. "Um.. H-Hello.. Yo-You're at the old dotai.. It's.. It's kinda da-dangerous here so we should uh leave.." He rubs his forehead a little more before bowing. "Oh uh I-I'm Darren!! I'm.. I'm not a gang member I promise!" He whines softly as he feels himself becoming flustered.

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