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Mali Suparat

Third Year

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Oct 13 2015, 11:15 PM
<center><div class='pf1'><div class='pf2'><div class='pf3'>

<img src='http://i.imgur.com/SkM4SqV.png'>

</div><div class='t1s'><div class='t1'><input type='radio' id='pt1b' name='tg-1b' checked><label for='pt1b'>I</label>
<div class='tcontent'><div class='pf4'>

<h1>Mali Suparat </h1>

<h2>third year</h2>

</div><div class='pf4'>



game masters: pawn.




5'7" / 121lbs

<h3>FACE CLAIM</h3>



<div class='pf4'>
<h3>PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION</h3><div class='pf5'>

Of average height and average weight, Mali cuts a fairly nondescript figure. His features are delicate, nigh feminine and made all the more so thanks to the length of his hair. Though usually pulled up into a high tail at top of his head, while loose it reaches down to his back. His hair is dark, almost charcoal in color, and his eyes are merely a shade lighter.
Not one to draw attention to himself, Mali's clothes could almost be considered dour--dark slacks, dark tops, dark shoes and often leave him with an almost washed out appearance. There is a scar on his sternum; large, warped and ugly where the old skin meets new. Its mottled, ragged and covers the majority of his chest.

<div class='t1'><input type='radio' id='pt2b' name='tg-1b'><label for='pt2b'>II</label>
<div class='tcontent'><div class='pf4'>
<h3>POSITIVE</h3><div class='pf5' id='d1'>

• studious -- he's intelligent yes, but that doesn't mean he can slack on schoolwork and the like. why do something, if you're not going to give it your all? otherwise, its pointless.
• loyal -- his trust is hard to gain, but earn it and he'll likely do anything you say.
• meticulous -- he pays attention to detail. that much, one can say. he even color codes his notes.
• articulate -- words do not come easily to him. as such, he makes sure he doesn't waste them.
• organized -- his room is never messy, and his books are always in order.

</div><h3>NEGATIVE</h3><div class='pf5' id='d1'>

• distant -- quiet even, one might say. its almost as if he lives in a bubble, far away from everyone.
• unbending -- he is not one to adapt easily. one could almost call him predicable, once he has a set task, he sticks to it and refuses to change the way he does things even if something better should pop up. to even think of getting him to adjust his ways would likely require more effort han its worth.
• untrusting -- mali trusts no one and no thing. trust after all, will only get you hurt in the end.
• pessimistic -- he knows everything that's going to go wrong will go wrong. call it realistic.
• overtly critical -- he is perhaps, his own worst enemy. there is after all, no one that knows you like yourself.
<div class='pf4'><div class='pf5' id='d3'>

• cold mornings -- they wake him up. the air is crisp, and there's no muggy heat to beat down on his lungs.<br>

• the ocean -- the rushing of the waves, the steady beat of them on the shore--its predictable. that makes it...nice.<br>

• choirs -- there's something soothing about listening to a full choir.<br>


• loud noises -- he does not appreciate sudden crashes or bangs, or screeches that echo through the dorms. <br>

• nosy people -- his business is his business. please stay out of it.<br>

• attention -- it makes him nervous, fidgety and jumpy.<br>


• 'Hmm' -- why waste words when a hum of assent will get across that and more?<br>

• organizing things -- call it a nervous tic. if he sees something out of place, he does his best to fix it.<br>


• change - its bad. it brings with it shifting tides and shifting sands. change is hard to predict and that makes it hard to breath, hard to think, hard to do focus. change is bad and mali learned that early on.


</div></div><div id="d2">

<img src='http://i.imgur.com/9xRjFwj.png'>

<img src='http://i.imgur.com/a84I41C.png'>

<img src='http://i.imgur.com/7uvJFjK.png'>

</div></div></div><div class='t1'><input type='radio' id='pt3b' name='tg-1b'><label for='pt3b'>III</label>
<div class='tcontent'><div class='pf4' id='d3'>

Urusayya Suparat (mother, deceased) / Prin Lum (father, 54)

only child.

The only child of famous Thai actress and actor duo, one might think that with that background Mali would be outgoing and used to being in the spotlight. In that however, they would be wrong.<p>
If anything, the constant threat of the limelight caused him to draw further and further into himself. While not an unhappy child, he was quiet and withdrawn. His parents attempted to keep the spotlight off him as best they could, but their busy schedules made it hard to ensure that the tabloids and paparazzi stayed off of him.<p>

Perhaps the worst points were the divorce of his parents when he was twelve, which caused the media to dog his every step and then the death of his mother due to a freak plane crash that occurred two years later as she was on her way to a set. <p>
Needless to say, those were not the highlights of Mali's life, and the latter caused him to go into a depressive spiral. Though not exactly close, his father still worried for him and attempted to get him counseling. It worked for a time, until after a switch of counselors, Mali closed in on himself once more.<p>

It took time and no small amount of effort to find out the new counselor had begun taking advantage of him; and immediately Mali was pulled out and charges were pressed against the man. Unfortunately, the newly ousted counselor didn't take this very well and it resulted in the large scar across Mali's sternum where the older man had attempted to burn him to death. While Mali survived the encounter, his counselor did not having been killed as Mali tried to defend himself. This, as you might think, caused the media to erupt in a frenzy and while Prin attempted to keep his son out of the media shit storm, he ultimately failed.<p>

Finally, he decided to send his son away from Thailand until the media calmed down. Still a prominent actor even when in his fifties, Prin had no trouble securing a spot for Mali at the illustrious Dotai; and after much vetting of the school's counselors, signed his son up for weekly counseling sessions as well. <p>

In the three years he's been on campus, Mali has attended only a few of his mandated sessions; preferring to throw himself into his schoolwork rather than allow himself to become vulnerable enough to trust a counselor or anyone else ever again. Recently, he's become involved with the Game Masters, finding the knowledge they offer interesting. He's currently only a pawn, and so far is content with the position.

</div></div></div><div class='t1'><input type='radio' id='pt4b' name='tg-1b'><label for='pt4b'>IV</label>
<div class='tcontent'><div class='pf4'>


<h2>18, EASTERN, 3</h2>

</div><div class='pf4' id='d1'>


original app by : <a href='http://dotai.b1.jcink.com/index.php?showuser=1'>cerasri</a>
- notes a'la ceras: adverse to change, but easily influenced once you get his loyalty though it takes time/effort to even get him to think of letting down his guard. self conscious about his scars, very closed off. dislikes too much attention, which is why he prefers background position of pawn. finds gathering information on people almost cathartic? something like that. see him as uke/seke -- too easily influenced to be true seme. if topping, he will likely be bottoming from the top.

</div><div class='d4'>

<img src='http://i.imgur.com/dWYWtnx.png'>

</div></div></div><div class='pf1Creds'>template &copy cerasri</div></center>
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