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Koge Ito

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Jan 10 2017, 12:20 AM
Koge sighed softly and leaned back in his chair, closing his book. He'd been reading the same paragraph for probably five minutes now and he still hadn't comprehended one sentence of it. That was probably because he wasn't focusing on the information before him. He'd tried, sure, but it just wasn't working. He kept thinking about Carlisle. He seemed to be all Koge ever thought about anymore. That accent and those eyes and the way he touched him… He was Koge's only 'friend' and they'd had sex a few times now, so it was natural to think about him so much, right? Though he'd only known him for a little more than a week, Koge already had feelings for the other boy, who seemed to be stopping by to see him pretty often. He knew they weren't in a relationship. Koge wasn't sure they were even anything or that Carlisle liked him. He hoped he did. It seemed like he did. But if Koge was sure of one thing, it was that he really, hopelessly liked the second year boy.

So much, in fact, that when he noticed him walking into the library, he immediately got nervous. His heart started to beat a little faster and he averted his gaze, instead looking out the window that was next to the table he'd claimed. He tried to build up the courage to wave to him or something but it wasn't working. Every time he thought he could do it, he thought about the smile Carlisle would give him when he saw him--like the one he had whenever Koge opened the door to find him standing there--which ended up with him blushing and getting way too nervous to even think. He wanted him to sit by him or at least say hello, but at the same time, there was no way he could bring himself to call out to him. He didn't even know what he would say to the other boy when he sat down. Did Carlisle even want him to wave him over? To sit with him? Carlisle had given him a bad time the other day about still being so nervous around him, but Koge couldn't help it. He was a nervous kid.

So, instead of just manning up and doing what he wanted to do, the lonely boy kept his eyes out the window on the students surrounded by their friends heading to the city and hoped Carlisle would find him on his own. He was a dainty little thing for a third year, with red and white hair, after all. It wasn't like he was hard to find.
Nov 30 2016, 05:36 PM
Koge slipped into the car feeling guilty. Of course he was excited to be on vacation in London, even though he and his Londoner boyfriend of almost three years, Ellis, were really only there because he had business in the city, but all Koge could think about was if maybe he'd run into Carlisle. It was more than unlikely, seeing as London was a huge, densely populated place and he hadn't talked to him in years. He was really just a high school fling, after all. But Koge was weirdly hopeful, as if he'd never really stopped loving him (because he hadn't).

It upset him that he felt that way, sort of like he was wronging his boyfriend somehow. Ellis was amazing. He took good care of him. He was kind and strong and loving and really did more for Koge than he needed. Additionally, he loved him for real. They weren't a fling. Oh and also, he might have sort of resembled Carlisle a little, especially with that accent and golden hair and suave manner of his, but that totally wasn't the only reason he liked him (even though it might have been what got the sparks going at the very, very beginning). Koge was happy with him. But he had never been as happy with Ellis as he had been with Carlisle.

He didn't know until they met at a city council meeting he attended to voice some concerns about the elementary school he taught at, but Ellis was from a rich family and went to Dotai, too. He'd graduated the year before him with high academic honors, but they'd never met during their time at the school. He was an architect now who worked with places that were growing or renovating, especially older Japanese cities. Kamakura, Koge's seaside hometown in which he still resided (with Ellis) was one of those cities. Because of his work in Kamakura and around the country, Ellis was hired to do consultation work in his own hometown, hence why they were in London. Ellis was really passionate about his work and helping the people of the cities he worked with, all while making sure Koge was happy, too. And Koge always really admired that about it him.

But he didn't like it when he got called away. Especially since he'd given up time with his kids to support Ellis abroad.

"It's okay," Koge had urged him about an hour ago, even though they were supposed to get coffee at a cafe that Ellis apparently frequented growing up. "I'll be fine. It's a quick meeting. Just call me when you're done, okay?" He gave him a gentle smile and waved off his apologies as he hurried out the door. They were there for Ellis's work, anyway. He couldn't be disappointed when he went off to do what they came for.

Koge sighed softly as the driver stopped outside of the cafe. Since the plans changed, he was now meeting Ellis at said cafe in about fifteen minutes. He went in and ordered himself a coffee, taking it outside to save a table for when Ellis arrived at the busy place. He held his cup of coffee between his hands and took a deep breath. It was a little cool outside, so the hot cup felt nice. He took a sip of it, catching a glimpse of his reflection on the surface of the black liquid. He'd gotten a little bigger since graduating from Dotai, but he was still small with sort of girlish features. His scar was mostly gone and it was only really noticeable if you stared. And though it had taken many years, the dark half of his hair was almost completely back to white. His eyes, however, remained the same.

He looked up from his drink and was pleasantly surprised to find Ellis arrived early. And then his heart just about ripped in half when he realized that it was not, in fact, his boyfriend. Not his current one, anyway.

Oh, Gods... He placed his coffee on the table and stared down at it. Of all the places in this massive city. Of all the people. As it turned out, he was not hopeful that he'd run into Carlisle. He was afraid that he would.

He tried to think of some kind of escape route, but there wasn't one. All he could do was hope he wouldn't be seen. Koge pulled the hood of his light coat up to try to hide himself and couldn't help but glance over at the man. Was it really him? Yes. It had to be. He was a few inches taller and bit more built, but there was no mistaking that smile. Or those eyes. And he...he had a child? He had a little kid? He felt tears well in his eyes and it took all he had to keep them from spilling over in such a public place. That only got harder as he watched an absolutely beautiful woman approach him, picking up the child and kissing Carlisle on the cheek. A woman. He didn't know if that made it better or worse. It wasn't like Carlisle was his in any way, so it wasn't his business to feel the way he did. But it still hurt.

Suddenly, he imagined what could have been between he and Carlisle, and that about did him in. He wished Ellis had never invited him to go on this sort-of vacation. He wished that he was back in Kamakura, teaching his class how to do addition or work through their little playground disputes. He wished he was completely oblivious to how happy Carlisle was. To how lucky he was.

There was no way he could sit there and watch this. Koge gathered his bag, wiped his eyes and was about to stand. He'd tell Ellis he didn't feel well or something and decided to stay home as his excuse for not meeting him. But when he looked up, golden eyes that didn't belong to Ellis were looking down at him and Koge froze, the twenty-nine year old man unable to find any words like he was like he was a kid at Dotai all over again.
Nov 19 2016, 06:28 PM
Koge closed his book and sighed in relief. It took him a solid few hours, but he was finally done with all his homework for the weekend and it was only around six on Friday. He wasn’t a fan of homework, especially math and science and especially over the weekend, so he was pretty proud of his accomplishment. The next two days would be complete freedom, no stress and plenty of time to see Carlisle. He smiled to himself and checked his phone. Usually, Carlisle sent him a text if he wanted to see him or make any plans for the weekend. With Carlisle was how Koge spent almost every weekend (if not every day) since they’d met. Now, sometimes the guy just sort of showed up, but it was odd, he thought, that it was Friday evening and he hadn’t even heard from the other boy.

Was he okay? Was he with someone else? Or… Or was he mad at him? Did Koge do something wrong? He dug through his memories for something he maybe did or said that could have upset him, but there was nothing. Koge wasn’t really the kind of person that said or did anything to upset anyone. He sighed again, this time in a sort of sad disappointment, and slid off his bed, meandering into the bathroom with a pair of pajamas in hand. It made him unbearably nervous to initiate any conversation, even over text, with Carlisle. He would stare at the screen for minutes trying to say the right things in a manner that couldn’t be taken any way other than how he intended, so he usually let Carlisle strike up the conversations. If Carlisle didn’t want to text him, then Koge wouldn’t force him.

He turned the handle of the shower far to the left, letting the water get steamy before stepping in. What was he going to do if Carlisle didn’t want to see him? He’d finished his homework, he was caught up on all his trash shows, and he didn’t really have anyone else to hang out with. Unless he wanted to spend time with Luciano, but he was still sort of upset with him, despite how hard he had been trying to 'fix' things between them. Koge lingered in the shower for a bit, just sort of vibing for a bit in the hot water, then turned it off and dried himself. As he did, he heard Luca open the door followed by some grumbling, but thought little of it. Luca probably deserved to be grumbled at by whoever was doing the grumbling. He pulled on his boxers and pajama pants and, figuring it was best to just turn in early and try to get some sleep for once (since Carlisle never really let him -wink-), ventured through the living space and back to his bedroom.

He opened the door, drying his hair as he did, then looked up to find a very handsome Carlisle standing there. He looked sort of…fancy? Koge blinked at him and blushed a bit at the sight of him standing in his bedroom so casually in such nice clothes, looking so…well, alluring, to be completely honest. He looked even sexier than usual. And that was really saying something. It practically guaranteed that Koge was not going to be able to keep his thoughts in line.

Was he missing something?

"U-um, hi," he greeted, holding the towel shyly over his upper body for no good reason, seeing as Carlisle had gotten a good look at much more than something as innocent as his torso. "Um…You look nice."
Nov 13 2016, 11:19 PM
Starting on LJ lmao whoops
Oct 10 2016, 01:00 PM
Since transferring to Dotai, Koge hadn't been getting out much. He was supposed to, doctor's orders for helping his burn heal and all, but he was constantly swamped with assignments and when he managed to have a sliver of free time, he spent it relaxing in his dorm. The thought of walking around the school wasn't really appealing to him, as it probably wouldn't have been for anyone with a massive burn scar concealed beneath bandages, two different color eyes, and hair that was half white and half dark red. People stared and started rumors about him enough during the school day, so why would he subject himself to any more of it after hours?

Today, however, was different. It was beautiful out and actual fall weather was finally rolling in. A gentle breeze passed every so often, rustling the trees overhead, and small sticks and a few fallen leaves snapped and crunched beneath Koge's feet as he walked through the forest. His mind wandered from subject to subject, but there was one thing in particular he couldn't keep his mind off. It was probably the crackling sound of his steps and the shivering of the foliage around him that kept drawing his thoughts back a few months. It sounded like fire.

He stopped walking, stuck in place as the nightmarish memories started to ravage his mind. The psychiatrists he was required to see had given him a few methods to calm down in case this ever happened. Of course, they said it was best not to think about it, but sometimes it couldn't be helped. His favorite and the most effective calm-down method was painkillers, but to his luck, they were still in the pocket of the pants he had worn the previous day. Panic set in. What were the other methods? He tried to force himself to snap out of it, to focus on what was really happening and where he actually was even though he was pretty sure that wasn't one of the methods he had been given because it wasn't working.

A massive weight dropped on Koge's chest and suddenly he felt like his lungs were filled with smoke. He could have sworn it was happening before his eyes--the explosion, the heat of the ruthless flames, his sister's screaming, the sirens. His memories of that day weren't really clear, but that somehow made it so much worse. Out of nowhere, his hands started shaking and his body went weak. He dropped down to his knees, one hand gripping the area of his face corrupted by the scar and the other holding him up. It throbbed in pain, burning as if he had just received the wound. A mess of tears flooded his face, stinging his healing injury a bit, and he could feel himself starting to lose control of his breathing. He didn't realize it, but he was crying. Loud.

Maybe outdoor walks weren't so healthy after all.
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